Accelerated Construction Management Degree Online

How would your life change if you had a construction management degree?

If you are working in construction right now you know that construction work is one of the most physically demanding jobs on the market. You are carrying heavy loads, squatting in awkward positions to reach that last wall frame, working from dawn to dusk 7 days a week.

You know that the average age of a construction worker is 40 years old. And those construction workers are often forced to stop working earlier than any other career. You are more likely to be injured on the job. You can already feel the pain in your back and your knees. The arthritis in your hands is making it harder to grasp your tools. You have seen that over 10% of your co-workers don’t return to work after an injury. It’s too hard!

Construction workers are more likely to retire on disability than other workers.

Depressed now?

Don’t be! You love construction and being outdoors. The thought of settling into a desk job in an office makes you want to bang your head with a hammer. You love seeing the results of a hard day’s work. When you finish a job, you leave behind something you can see and be proud of.

If you love construction, it can be your life career. But you know your body can’t handle the physical demands forever.

Accelerated construction management degree online

Here’s the secret.

The construction industry is in desperate need of construction managers with technical and practical skills. Construction managers also make better money. You knew that! An average salary is $89,300 but can be anywhere above $155,200.

40% of construction managers are even self-employed, so you call the shots. You are still working in the field, but you are leading the crew instead of doing the grunt work.

Are you tempted by a construction management degree now? Drooling a little at the thought of better pay, less physically demanding work, being the boss?

But the little devil on your shoulder is whispering:

“You have bills to pay!”

“You can’t go back to school!”

“It will cost you over $100,000, you don’t have that money.”

“Your family is depending on you.”

“This is the best you can do, don’t throw away a good job for getting an overpriced education.”

That guy is a nasty little bugger. You don’t need to listen to him.

You CAN continue to work while getting your construction management degree. You can get your degree for less than $50,000 and you can do it in just over 2 years.

You work hard physically every day, but you know you have brains too. Don’t waste them!

I’ll be the angel on your other shoulder showing you that you can do this and telling you how.

Accelerated Construction Management Degree Programs Overview

A degree in Construction Management will cover almost all areas of construction from financing and construction methods to legal requirements. You are combining two explosive and powerful careers, building and business. Your degree can prepare you for that with classes like:

  • Residential Aging-in-Place and Green Building
  • Sustainable Practices-Design and Construction
  • Soils Engineering for Construction Managers
  • Construction Leadership
  • Financial Management for Construction
  • Construction Project Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Systems
  • Construction Contracts and Project Administration
  • Construction Equipment and Methods
  • Safety Management

You are looking at about 4 years of full time school to get 120 credit hours. Don’t panic, I’m going to tell you how to cut that time! But your degree is not just all classroom knowledge.

A construction manager needs to know all the theories, methods and safety practices BUT you have to know what you are doing on the job site. Good news. You won’t be the idiot manager who doesn’t know which end of the hammer to hold. Construction Management degree programs include a 3-6 month internship that has you in the field DOING what you need to do.

Careers with an Accelerated Construction Management Degree

A degree in Construction Management can start you in a career that is projected to grow by 11% by 2026. This is 4% higher than the average for most of the best business majors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that there will be 46,100 new jobs in construction management by 2026. You increase your odds of landing one of those new jobs if you have BOTH construction experience and a Bachelor’s degree.

You could be starting with a job title of:

  • Project Engineer
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Field Engineer
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Safety Engineer
  • Project Scheduler
  • Assistant Estimator
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Business Developer

You might be thinking that a foreman or a project manager does not sound like a fancy job.

It isn’t.

You will still work long hours, in the field and in all types of weather. Maybe on call 24-7, because you are in charge. It’s a high stress job where you are making decisions on the fly. Not glamorous. But a sensible and secure career that is expected to see a drastic increase as construction activity picks up.

And you get paid the big bucks for those jobs. Typically the average salary is $89,300. But you are also looking at bonuses and overtime pay for jobs that exceed expectations.

Career Annual Salary
Heavy Engineer Construction $93,980
Nonresidential Building Construction $91,030
Specialty Trade Contractors $84,270
Residential Building Construction $81,450
Civil Engineer Construction $93,380
Cost Estimators $61,790

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

But you also have the option of managing your own construction company, then your earnings are dependent only on how much business you take on. The sky’s the limit!

Accelerated Construction Management Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

There are 3 parts to your construction management degree that you need to be aware of

– the electives

– the core courses

– the internship

Your core courses and internship will often be run on a set schedule, so you have to go by the school’s timeline. BUT there are up to 42 elective credits that you will need to have to complete your degree. Those electives can be completed at any time. You could start tomorrow.

You know how construction has slow times and peak times. Take advantage of those slow times, the winter months, the rainy season and knock out those electives. Whatever time of year works best for you, is when you complete your electives.

Don’t be a slave to the school’s schedule.

Accelerated Construction Management Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes vs. Self-Paced Classes

2 of the easiest ways to fit your courses into your already busy life are:

  • Accelerated Online Classes
  • Self-Paced Classes

Both options are faster than the average class and you can work on your own time, in your own house, wearing your sweat pants and cleaning out a bag of Doritos.

Accelerated online classes are set up on a regular school schedule where the class starts on a set date, you will have assignments with due dates and you have to be done by the end date. Kind of like building a house for a customer, you work on their schedule and complete the project in a set time frame.

Self-paced classes are like working on your OWN house. You are in charge of how fast you work, and you can complete your project much faster because you have nobody telling you when to start, or what to study each week.

Option 1: Accelerated Online Construction Management Classes

Accelerated online classes put the horsepower behind your degree. Although you are completing the same classes as you would be in a typical college classroom, you can complete the class twice as fast. At home.

Typical classes will take you 16 weeks of skipping out on paid work to sit in class while learning about microeconomics. But you don’t need to be that slow. You can sign up for an online class and be done in 8 weeks. Then be a super genius and take another class right away and be done 2 classes in the time it took everybody else to do 1 class sitting in their college desks.

Option 2: Self-Paced Online Construction Management Classes

Do you work better when you are on your own without anybody breathing down your neck? You might find self-paced online classes to be your answer. Western Governors University and Capella offer self-paced classes that will set you up to complete your electives at your own pace.

You can then transfer your elective credit to the school you choose for your construction management program. But check first!

At Capella you pay for a 12 week session, it costs $2300. But you can complete as many of your classes in that time that you can. That could mean you finish 6 classes in 12 weeks. You take 2 at a time but can start a new one once the first one is done.

Types of Accelerated Construction Management Degree Programs

Construction Management, like construction projects, covers a lot of different areas.

If you have a passion for certain types of construction and management you can find a degree concentration to match it. You could be applying for a Bachelor’s degree in:

  • Construction Science
  • Construction Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Technology
  • Green and Sustainable Building

If you get bit by the education bug and want to go even further, there is always the possibility of a Master’s degree in Construction Management.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Construction Management Degree Even More

Are you ready to build your construction management degree? But you want it to be faster than usual? Well, slap a hardhat on your head and throw on your work shoes because these 3 tips can have you applying for a construction management position before you know it while saving you over $15,000.

1. Test out of college classes (up to 1 year)

You might think this is complete nonsense but really is a thing. You do not have to take college classes to get college credit.

You can get college credit by just taking the exam for the class you need. Now, most of your core construction classes won’t qualify for this method BUT those annoying electives do.

You register with the College Level Examination Program and can complete up to 10 classes for 30 credits. In just 90 minutes you write 100 multiple choice questions on microeconomics and ta-da! You have earned 3 credits for only $85.

You just need to get at least 50% right to get your credit.

If you don’t feel like you know enough to take the exam then pick up the study guide, study like crazy and then take the exam.

2. Get college credit for your life and work experience

This is the tip that takes advantage of the work you have been doing for years. Most universities have a program in place that will grant you up to 15 credits for prior life learning. But you will need to jump through their hoops.

– submit a portfolio

– provide documentation of on the job training and reference letters

– show which course objectives you have already covered in your experience

– demonstrate the learning outcomes you have mastered

Although it sounds like a lot of work, submitting a portfolio is quicker (and cheaper!) than completing all the classwork.

3. Stay continuously enrolled with the max course load

The first 2 tips give you the shortcuts, this last tip is the boots hit the pavement just work hard tip.

Testing out of exams and submitting a portfolio for credit can earn you up to 45 credits. But you will have to take the classes for the remaining 75 credits.

Once you register as a full time student instead of taking a typical 15 credits in the Fall and Winter Semesters earning you 30 credits a year. You can bump your course load up to 18 credits AND take a full course load over the summer.

Take the absolute highest amount of credit you can and you could be done your classes in 18 months.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

If you have any pre-existing credit from a college class than dig it up. Any class that you have completed can be used towards your construction management degree.

3 things you will need to check:

  1. The college you attended was accredited
  2. You passed the class with at least a C
  3. Your old class matches your new degree. But that last point isn’t important if you have college credit you can usually find a spot in your current degree to use your credit for an elective. One less class to pay for and take.

Lower Tuition Costs

Do you want the honest truth? Getting your degree is going to cost you big bucks! Education is not cheap and that is probably why you are hesitating to start. But you can use the ways that we talked about to drastically cut the cost of your degree without affecting the quality of the education you get.

The best thing you can do to save your tuition dollars is to earn as many credits by exam and credit for prior learning as you can.

One 3 credit college class can cost you $1100-$3700. No kidding. You can get the same 3 credits for $85 by taking the exam instead. You are saving over $1000 for each exam you take for credit. Do this!

Cost Of Construction Management Degree

Ways To Earn Credit Number Of Credits Total Cost
Attend Drexel University 120 $148,976
Attend University of Texas-Tyler 120 $67,252
Attend Colorado State University 120 $46,076
College Level Examination Program


Credit for Prior Learning


Remaining classes at Colorado State University








Total Credits








Total Tuition


You never want to cut corners on the things that matter both in construction and education. But there is always room to save money by cutting out wasted expenses and non-essentials. Your degree could end up costing you only $31,999 instead of $46,000- $148,000. Same degree, same job opportunities, less debt.

Construction Management Degree Accreditation

When you are putting in long hours, big money and your valuable time to get a degree make sure you don’t get scammed. A fake degree will not get you the job you are looking for.

A regional college will usually be regionally accredited. That’s good enough for a typical degree but for a construction management degree you definitely want accreditation from:

The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

That’s your big name in accreditation for a construction degree.


What are you going to do now?

You can use the tips you found to be holding your construction management degree in 2 years for only $32,000. You could be working as a Project Manager making $89,000 a year overseeing big building projects. You could be your own boss and running your own construction company where the only limit on what you make is your own hustle.

Or you can decide it is too risky and stick with your construction job, knowing in the back of your mind that you could end up on disability or sidelined by an injury or illness. Your body can only handle the strain of heavy physical labor for so long.

An accelerated online construction management degree gives you the ability to continue to love what you do! To move up in a career that you can love for years. What is holding you back?

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  1. Erik says:

    I am very glad to have seen an easier way to earn a degree in construction management.
    Please i would need more information to enable me prepare for school work and the fees.

    1. Joy Mays says:

      Hi Erik- In order to get your degree in construction management online at a faster than normal pace, you will need to select a university that offers online courses at a faster pace. Tuition and fees vary depending on where you live and on the university you choose. In-state tuition can be less expensive than attending a university outside of your state. But some universities do not make this distinction and charge the same rate no matter where you live. Also, your cost of attendance may be less if you have college classes to transfer in that you took at another university. Or, if you are able to take some exams for college credit. I hope that helps!

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