Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Online

Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Online

Does the thought of an accelerated criminal justice degree excite you?

Crime fighting. Catching the bad guys. A job that is exciting and causes your heart to pound as adrenaline runs through you.

Criminal justice is not about a boring, desk job. You crave a fast pace. Thrilling escapades. Maybe even a high speed chase.

But instead of playing Superman, you are stuck as Clark Kent. Reporting to your 9-5 every day and saddled with bills and responsibilities.


Accelerated criminal justice degree online

If you could have another go, you would get a degree in criminal justice.

Pursue a career as a:

  • police officer
  • private detective
  • crime scene investigator
  • FBI agent

Those aren’t just TV shows, there are real people with real jobs in criminal justice. And you wish it was you.

What if it could be? What if instead of committing to another 30 years in a mindless desk job you could fast track yourself to a criminal justice degree?

It can happen. You don’t have to quit your day job. You can be Clark Kent during the day and Superman in the evening. Get an accelerated degree in criminal justice is 2.5 years. For less than $50,000.

There is nothing illegal about this but it is remarkable.

Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Programs Overview

An accelerated criminal justice degree prepares you to fight crime and keep the world a safer place. You probably already have critical skills like:

  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Great verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • A high physical fitness level.

These are skills that can make you a great candidate for a criminal justice degree. Also you need to have a strong desire to help others and enforce the law.

The classes you will take give you the head knowledge and the practice to hone your skills and desires. You might want to be a police officer but these classes can give you the skills to be a great police officer.

Classes like:

  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • American Corrections
  • Victimology
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • The Laws of Evidence
  • Cybersecurity and Policy
  • Terrorism and Organized Crime

Does that sound like a class list or an episode guide to CSI? It’s real life. Although the day to day job you might have with a degree in criminal justice won’t be like a TV show. These classes can prepare you for the reality of criminal law, security, justice and crime.

Careers with an Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree

Becoming a police officer is not your only choice for a criminal justice degree. Most professionals working in law enforcement are police officers BUT there are many other careers for you to consider.

  • Probation Officer
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Correctional Officer
  • Private Detective
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Security Guard
  • State Trooper
  • Crime Scene Investigator
  • Computer Forensics Investigator
  • Fraud Investigator
  • FBI agent
  • Homicide Detective
  • Secret Service Agent
  • US Marshal

The type of work you could be doing is so varied. From working in nature to working in a mall. Investigating money laundering to a murder scene. You could be working primarily on a computer screen or you could be in a federal prison or on the road.

These are definitely not boring jobs! And there are jobs to be had. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an increase of 5-11% in criminal justice related jobs over the next 7 years. Having a bachelor’s degree or previous law enforcement or military experience drastically increases your job prospects.

Of course you want to know “But can I make good money?”


Annual Salary



Transit Police


Police Officer


Fish and Game Warden


Probation Officer


Correctional Officer


Insurance Investigator


Government Detective


Secret Service Agent


Forensic Science Technician


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

All of these jobs have entry level positions. Meaning that you can start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. The higher you go up, the more money you make.

Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

Okay, Batman, are you ready? Gotham City needs you to fight crime! Every crime fighting superhero knows you don’t wait until next year to get started.

You don’t have to commit to full time classes to start but you can start right now. Most universities throughout North America will offer you start dates each month.

If you started today, you would be one step closer to holding your degree.

Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes vs. Self-Paced Classes

There are 2 options for completing your criminal justice degree online uber fast. Because crime waits for nobody. The quicker you finish your degree, the quicker you can be helping people.

The 2 ways to complete your classes are:

  • Accelerated classes
  • Self-paced classes

Accelerated classes are like having the superpower of speed. Although you are still bound by a set start date and due dates, you can travel twice as fast as the average student.

Self-paced classes are like giving yourself the superpower of bending the laws of nature. You are no longer bound by due dates, class schedules and professors. Self-paced classes are completed on your own timetable and you can complete as many as you want in a set time frame.

Option 1: Accelerated Online Criminal Justice Classes

The average Joe is going to enroll in an Intro to Criminal Justice class. Then spend the next 16 weeks attending class 2-3 times a week. At the end he will have 3 credits.

But you can look into accelerated online classes. Instead of taking 16 weeks and sitting in class each week, you can enroll in an 8 week accelerated online class.

You are sitting at home in your cozy pajamas with some Netflix running in the background. But you are still covering the same material as the poor blokes in the classroom.

Even better, is if you take another class as soon as you are done the first. So in 16 weeks, you have double the credits. Genius, right?

Option 2: Self-Paced Online Criminal Justice Classes

Are you not a deadline person? You feel that having to adhere to a set schedule actually slows you down. You don’t need that.

Self-paced classes knockout deadlines and schedules. Instead you are in charge.

You can register at a school like Capella University for a 12 week semester for only $2300. That is a flat fee that covers all the classes you complete in 12 weeks. That’s right. As many classes as you can possibly do.

You could dedicate 3 months of your life to going superhero on your classes and knock off 10 classes earning 30 credits. That’s a year’s worth of classes in 12 weeks!

Types of Accelerated Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Criminal justice makes you think of excitement. The types of degrees you can get in criminal justice are exciting. There is so much variety. You can choose a focus on homeland security or cybersecurity.

You might already have an idea what direction you want to go. Which of these sounds the most appealing to you?

Don’t settle for boring and ordinary. You have skills that could make the world a safer place. One of these criminal justice degree programs could be the perfect fit for you.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Criminal Justice Degree Even More

Is the reason you haven’t started your criminal justice degree yet is because you don’t want (or can’t afford!) to attend years of classes?

It will take a big chunk of time. Typically a criminal justice degree is 182 credits. If you take an average 30 credit hours a year that is 6 years.

Don’t do that, these 3 strategies can help you to cut years off of your degree.

1. Test out of college classes (up to 1 year)

It may sound criminal but it is completely legal. You can get credit and not go to class. Did you know classes are optional?

They are when you already know the material or can cram really well and pass the exam for the course. Through a program called College Level Examination Program you can earn up to 30 credits by exam. The exam costs $85, you can register online, you buy a study guide and you study like crazy.

Then you take the exam. If you get 50% of the 95 multiple choice questions right. You just stole 3 credits. But you do not go to jail. You go right back and write another exam. Because this is a genius way to get credit by not going to class.

2. Get college credit for your life and work experience

Do you have previous life and work experience? If you completed a certification or training program you could be eligible for college credit. That’s right. You can get college credit for something you already did.

Military experience can especially reward you with a LOT of college credit.

The American Council of Education along with the US military will recognize and provide credit recommendations for your military service. Even your basic training can count as credit.

If you were certified in the military as a :

  • Passenger Travel Specialist
  • Watercraft Operator
  • Cargo Specialist
  • Basic Freight Traffic

The American Council of Education will give you credit. You can apply to have your credit transferred through your Joint Service Transcript.

Even without military experience universities like Colorado Tech University will look at your employment and past experiences for credit. You would have to complete an Experiential Learning Portfolio that demonstrates how you already have the knowledge for the course. Once submitted and approved you are given credit for your experience.

Colorado Tech University allows for up to 32 quarter credit hours to be life experience credit in your Bachelor’s degree.

3. Stay continuously enrolled with max courseload

All the secrets of how to get credit without taking classes are out now. But in the end, you do still have to take classes. You can’t skip out of all your college classes. That’s not legit.

But you can complete your classes faster than you think.

When you look at a degree plan, you will see that the typical schedule give you 30 credit hours each year. 182 credit hours for a criminal justice degree has you sitting at 6 years of classes.


What most schools won’t tell you is that you can take a higher number of classes. In each semester you can take 18 credit hours. You also have 3 semesters a year to take classes. Fall, Winter and Summer. That gives you 54 credits in 12 months.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

Did you know there is no expiration date on old college credit? That class from 10 years ago is still good.

You can use that pre-existing college credit for your criminal justice degree now. There are just 3 criteria to check:

  • Your old college was accredited
  • You actually attended your class and earned at least a C in the class
  • The class is applicable to your new degree

Sometimes the class won’t apply to your new degree. That’s still okay, you can use any class you passed from an accredited college to fill your elective spots.

Lower Tuition Costs

Now you have seen how quickly you can complete a degree. Much faster than what you originally thought? But you are still worried about the money factor. You know that a college degree is expensive and you don’t want to have to rob a bank to cover your education.

Please stay on the right side of the law. You can get a criminal justice degree without robbing a bank or selling a kidney.

The price tag at a university like Adrian University sits at $212,829 for your 6 years of classes. Even a more affordable place like Lake Erie College will run you a bill of $176,556 just for tuition.

It can look a little scary. You might be thinking about selling that kidney again.

But you can get a legitimate degree for a quarter of the price. Because you think smart. And you need to hold onto your own body parts.

You use credit by exam to earn 30 credits. Each 3 credit exam costs you $85. So you are looking at $850 for 30 credits. At Colorado Tech earning 30 credits would cost you $9750. Almost $9000 more.

Getting a degree for less is not about doing anything illegal. It is about knowing the secrets.

Cost Of Criminal Justice Degree

Ways To Earn Credit Number Of Credits Total Cost
Attend Adrian University 182 $212,829
Attend Lake Erie College 182 $176,556
Attend Colorado Tech University 182 $59,180
College Level Examination Program


Credit for Prior Learning


Remaining classes at Colorado Tech University








Total Credits








Total Tuition

$46, 875

You see that? You can get a degree in criminal justice for $46, 875 and it will only take you 2.5 years of dedicated work. That sounds a lot better than selling your kidney, right? Also less painful.

Criminal Justice Degree Accreditation

A criminal justice program does not need to have specific accreditation. What you are looking for is that your school itself is accredited. You can check on a school’s accreditation by going to the Department of Education website and searching for your school.

There are a few nice to have accreditations that your school might have:

If the school you are attending is regionally accredited you can be comfortable that your degree will be recognized by employers.


Well, Captain America, are you ready to save the world?
Although, being honest with you, we both know that Superheroes like Batman, Captain America and Superman are fiction. Sorry to break it to you.

But there are heroes in real life. People who risk their lives to protect and serve others. Heroes that go to work everyday in a job that makes the world a safer place. Those heroes are real.

That could be you.

Choosing a career in criminal justice doesn’t need to cost you over $100,000 and 6 years of your life. You could fly through your degree in 2.5 years and be out on the streets making a difference.

It will be hard. But it could help you save the world one person at a time. Are you ready to suit up?

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