Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Online

Healthcare is a large and booming field. There are over 12.2 million jobs that are classified as health science careers. Your salary could be just as diverse from $21,020 on the lower end to $187,200 on the high end. The education you need for this field is just as varied, but a bachelor’s degree will start you in the right direction.

Accelerated health science degree online

Health science is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as any career that involves helping people and animals with the medical care they need to get or stay healthy. An accelerated online health science degree can prepare you to enter this exciting field.

You could choose to specialize in over 50 different fields in health science. From physiological science to clinical engineering, medical physics or life science. You could go on to a career in hands-on healthcare, marketing, management, administration, research or education.

Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Overview

A health science degree offers a variety of classes that will match up with the area that you choose to focus on. A bachelor’s degree will often be more general instead of focusing on a specific topic. Your classes will be related to the specialization you choose.

Here are some of the classes you might be taking:

  • Health Care Economics
  • Health Promotion
  • Musculoskeletal Basis of Exercise
  • Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries
  • Professional Dynamics and Allied Health Professions
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Care
  • Transcultural Health Care
  • Health Care Leadership
  • Statistics for Health Care Professionals

Your health science degree will typically be geared towards one of three different tracks. Health Administration, Public and Community Health or Fitness Management.

Careers with an Accelerated Health Science Degree

When you finish your health science degree you might start looking for work or pursue further education. Careers that you can start with a health science degree may be limited. The careers with the highest rate of growth and potential will be in the therapeutic services industries and require further education. This could mean a career working in a laboratory, research or indirect patient care.

You might want to work as a clinical administrator or in management. You could end up working in a hospital, school, clinic or government agency. With further education, you could start a career as a nurse, physician assistant, physiotherapist, pharmacist, health educator or social worker.

The options are almost endless!

Career Annual Salary
Athletic Trainers $45,630
Dental Hygienists* $72,910
Sonographer* $64,280
Dietitian* $58,920
Exercise Physiologist $47,340
Genetic Counselor* $74,120
Medical Records and Health Information Tech $38,040
Occupational Therapists* $81,910
Physician Assistants $101,480
Registered Nurse $68,450
Recreational Therapists $46,410

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Getting a degree in health science allows you to enter the world of health care. Health care continues to be one of the most in-demand occupations.

Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

If you could design your ideal school year, when would you start classes? This isn’t a hypothetical question. Most universities will offer you class start dates each month.

You really can start your degree whenever it works best for you. Taking advantage of these flexible start dates can put you months ahead of schedule. Instead of waiting for September to start your degree, you could already be done in 4 or 5 classes. That’s a whole semester!

Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes

There are multiple ways to speed up your health science degree. Taking classes online should be considered a no-brainer. Not only do online classes allow you to save time getting to class, but they also let you complete the classes at your own speed. Which will be fast.

A typical class will take you 16 weeks to complete, hours of time getting to class, sitting in class and completing assignments. Online classes offer you the option of accelerated or self-paced classes.

Accelerated Online Health Science Classes

Taking an online accelerated class means you get to complete your classes from home. Or wherever you want to. That already saves you time!

But the other benefit of an accelerated class is that you can complete the class faster than usual. Instead of taking the full 16 weeks to slowly drag through each class, you have the option of being done in 6-8 weeks. You still will complete similar coursework and end up having mastered the same course objectives. You still interact with your professor via online forums, portals and email. You still complete assignments. But the class finishes faster.

You register for the class and start your work on the set date and then need to be done by the set end date. The best part is that after completing your first class, you can take a second class immediately after resulting in finishing 2 classes in 16 weeks.

Types of Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs

Most health science degree programs will allow you to choose from 3 main tracks.

Pre-professional, clinical management or public health and education. The pre-professional track will set you up to pursue further education and a career in clinical practice.

You typically earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a specialization in:

  • Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Clinical Science
  • Health Service Management
  • Gerontology
  • Global Health
  • Rehabilitation Studies
  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Fitness Management

You can also take a General Study track which allows you to transition into Pre-med school, nursing school or pharmaceutical studies.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

Previous credit earned is money and time saved now. If you have college credit use it, whether from an Advanced Placement class in high school, a class you took at community college or from a degree program that you started but were not able to finish.

Credit can be applied to your current degree just as long as you earned the credit from an accredited college and earned at least a C in the class. That is all!

Every bachelor’s degree has a section for electives and your pre-existing college credit can fill one of those holes. That saves you from having to pay to take another class now.


Health care is a rapidly growing field. The jobs are not going to wait around for you, the opportunities are available now. You can use these strategies to get yourself a Health Science degree with online college classes and be working in an exciting and fulfilling career.

Then you can be ready for further education. Pre-med school, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy. There are so many options! What would happen if you started your degree today?

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