Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Online [2021 Guide]

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An accelerated health science degree can help you enter this rewarding workforce in as little as two years. Find out how in our career guide.

An accelerated health science degree can help you enter this rewarding workforce in as little as two years. This specialized but broad field is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as any career that involves helping people and animals with the medical care they need to get or stay healthy.

Accelerated Health Science Degree

Healthcare, in general, is a large and booming field. There are over 12.2 million jobs that are classified as health science careers. Your salary could be just as diverse, from $27,080 on the lower end to $208,000 on the high end.

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You could choose to specialize in over 50 different fields in health science – from physiological science to clinical engineering, medical physics or life science. You may go on to pursue a career in hands-on healthcare, marketing, management, administration, research, or education.

Types of Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs

Most health science degree programs will allow you to choose from 3 main tracks: Pre-professional, clinical management, or public health and education. The pre-professional track can help set you up to pursue further education and a career in clinical practice.

You typically earn a Bachelor of Science in Health Science with a specialization in:

  • Public Health
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Clinical Science
  • Health Service Management
  • Gerontology
  • Global Health
  • Rehabilitation Studies
  • Athletic Training
  • Exercise Science
  • Kinesiology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Fitness Management

You can also take a General Study track, which may allow you to transition into Pre-med school, nursing school or pharmaceutical studies.

Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Overview

Accelerated Health Science Degree Programs Overview

A health science degree offers a variety of classes that will match up with the area that you choose to focus on. A bachelor’s degree will often be more general instead of focusing on a specific topic. Your classes will be related to the specialization you choose.

Here are some of the classes you might be taking:

  • Health Care Economics
  • Health Promotion
  • Musculoskeletal Basis of Exercise
  • Prevention and Care of Sports Injuries
  • Professional Dynamics and Allied Health Professions
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to Care
  • Transcultural Health Care
  • Health Care Leadership
  • Statistics for Health Care Professionals

Your health science degree will typically be geared toward one of three different tracks: Health Administration, Public and Community Health, or Fitness Management.

Careers with an Accelerated Health Science Degree

Careers with an Accelerated Health Science Degree

When you finish your online health science degree, you might start looking for work or pursue further education. Careers that you can start with a health science degree may be limited.

The careers with the highest rate of growth and potential may be in the therapeutic services industries and require further education. This could mean a career working in a laboratory, research, or indirect patient care.

You might want to work as a clinical administrator or in management. You may end up working in a hospital, school, clinic, or government agency. With further education, you may start a career as a nurse, physician assistant, physiotherapist, pharmacist, health educator, or social worker.

The career options with a health science degree are almost endless! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some careers in the health science field include:

Career Annual Median Salary
Physician Assistant $115,390
Occupational Therapist $86,280
Genetic Counselor $85,700
Dental Hygienist $77,090
Sonographer $75,920
Registered Nurse $75,330
Dietitian $63,090
Exercise Physiologist $50,280
Athletic Trainer $49,860
Recreational Therapist $47,710

Some companies and employers may require an advanced degree in addition to a bachelor’s in Health Science to apply for some of these jobs.

Getting a degree in health science may allow you to enter the world of health care, which continues to be one of the most in-demand occupations.

Why Enroll in an Online Accelerated Health Science Degree Program

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The fastest online degree programs offer a lot of flexibility and convenience. Here are the main benefits of going to school this way.

Don’t wait to start! Most universities will offer you class start dates each month. You may start your degree whenever it works best for you. Taking advantage of these flexible start dates might put you months ahead of the normal school schedule.

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Don’t waste time! A typical class takes 16 weeks to complete. Online classes offer you the option of accelerated classes, which typically take half as long to finish.

Do it on your time! With online classes, you don’t have to drive to campus and attend class at a certain time. You may complete your coursework wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you.

Accreditation for an Online Health Science Degree

logos of six regional accreditation boards

The quality of your education shouldn’t change whether you take classes on campus or online. To prove that your university is up to the highest standards, look for it to have regional accreditation from one of these boards:

This accreditation is what guarantees that other universities and your future employers will recognize your degree as being valid.

Financial Aid for an Online Health Science Program

screenshot of FAFSA website

The availability of financial aid is also the same for online students as those on campus. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see how much you qualify to receive in grants and loans. You could also apply for:

  • State funding
  • College scholarships
  • Scholarships from private businesses and organizations
  • Tuition assistance from your employer

Every little bit helps, so take some time to research the financial aid opportunities available to you.

Don’t Forget to Transfer Your Existing College Credits

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Previous credit earned may be money and time saved now. If you have college credit, use it, whether from an Advanced Placement class in high school, a class you took at community college, or from a degree program that you started but were not able to finish.

Credit may be applied to your current degree if you earned the credit from an accredited college and earned at least a C in the class.

Every bachelor’s degree has a section for electives, and your pre-existing college credit may fill one of those holes. That might save you from having to pay to take another class now.

Questions Related to Earning a Health Science Degree Online

Here are our answers to a few more questions you might have.

What Is a BS in Health Science?

A BS in Health Science is a Bachelor of Science degree, meaning you’ll take more math and science classes you than you would in a Bachelor of Arts program. Though you could get a BA in related fields, such as Healthcare Administration, a Health Science degree is typically a BS.

How Do I Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science?

You can get a bachelor’s degree in Health Science from many accredited universities. Your first choice will be determining whether you want to take classes on campus or online. Second, think about what specialty area you might want to go into.

Then, apply to 5-10 universities offering your chosen program to increase your chances of being accepted into one or more, and then you can weigh your options.

Can You Get a Bachelors in Science Online?

Yes, you can get a bachelors in science online. Many universities are offering online programs, even in science fields. You might need to complete lab hours at a partner university, depending on the required coursework.

Get Started Today!

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Health care is a rapidly growing field. If you earn a Health Science degree with online college classes, you might be working in an exciting and fulfilling career sooner than you could taking the traditional college route.

You may also be ready for further education should you decide to further your career. Pre-med school, pharmacy, nursing, physiotherapy – there are so many options following a Health Science degree!

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