30 Best Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Online

We've ranked the 30 best accelerated hospitality management degree programs online. Compare top schools and see what your career options could be with this degree.

We’ve ranked the 30 best accelerated hospitality management degree programs online. Compare top schools and see what your career options could be with this degree.

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree

Hospitality management is a highly competitive field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available in hotel management will grow more slowly than jobs in other fields.

You are going to need two things to succeed. Experience is key. Most employers will want you to have experience in hospitality and often expect you to work your way up. But a bachelor’s degree can make you stand out when it comes to promotions and career growth.

Event planning, which includes meetings and conventions, is where the jobs are growing, with a projected growth of 11% over the next 8 years.

Types of Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs

The type of hospitality management degree you take will depend on which direction you want to go with your career: tourism, event planning, food services, or lodging.

The best paying business degrees can be Bachelor of Business Administration as either a Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts.

Some of the degrees you could look at are:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a Specialization in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Event Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Restaurant & Foodservice Management

Look at the list of classes for each degree program and see which ones fit best with the career you are wanting to pursue.

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Overview

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Overview

The classes offered in a hospitality management degree expands the knowledge that you have from working in hospitality to give you the practical knowledge that you will need to best serve your customers.

You could be taking classes like:

  • Club Operations and Management
  • Food Management: Safety and Nutrition
  • The Foodservice Distribution Channel
  • Hospitality Beverages
  • Hospitality Business Ownership
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Introduction to Wine
  • Managing Quality in Hospitality Businesses
  • Meeting and Event Planning and Management
  • Quantity Food Production Systems

The credits that you will need for a degree in hospitality can range from 120 to 180. Your class choices will depend on what area of hospitality you want to work in.

Careers with an Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree

Careers with an Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree

A career in hospitality is centered on helping people to enjoy themselves when they are out, whether that is in food, accommodation, drinks, tourism, traveling, attractions, or customer service.

You could work at a restaurant, a hotel, theme park, resort club, cruise line, casino, or even with a professional sports team or music group planning and arranging for transportation, meals, and entertainment as they travel.

Career Annual Salary
Hotel Manager $104,405
Food and Beverage Director $91,973
Administrative Services Manager $90,050
Director of Housekeeping $72,622
Executive Casino Host $53,717
Lodging Manager $51,840
Restaurant General Manager $50,820
Food Service Manager $50,820
Event Planner $47,350

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monster.com

Within each career path, there is a wide range of opportunities. If you are working for a big name, high-level organization, you can make a lot more money, and there is more room for advancement. Your location will play a significant role in determining your salary.

Why Enroll in an Accelerated Online Hospitality Management Degree Program?

hospitality management student studying on his computer in a café

The short answer is that accelerated online programs are more flexible and faster. Here’s why.

  1. Start when you want. Most online universities have start dates every month – no waiting for next semester!
  2. Study when and where you want. You’ll set your own schedule and won’t have to commute to campus.
  3. Finish when you want. Don’t spend more time in school than you have to. Put your nose to the grindstone and get it done!

Each accelerated online class will take you an average of 8 weeks to complete instead of the normal 16 weeks in a college semester. Plus, there are ways to finish even faster.

How to Finish Your Hospitality Management Degree as Quickly as Possible

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Even if you don’t want to fast-track your degree by taking accelerated classes, you can still use these strategies to shave time off your studies.

1. Test Out of College Classes

Through the College Level Examination Program, you can pay $87 to take exams in most core classes. The exam is only 90 multiple choice questions, and if you can pass the exam with at least 50%, then you get all 3 college credits for that course. It’s worth grabbing a study guide and learning the material on your own so that you don’t have to attend class.

You can test gain 30 credits by passing these exams. That’s a full year of college.

2. Get College Credit for Your Life and Work Experience

Many colleges will give you credit for your work experience. You would submit a portfolio that documents your experience and demonstrates how your experience matches the objectives for the course you want credit for. At most universities, you can earn up to 15 credits for what you already know.

3. Stay Continuously Enrolled with Max Course Load

After taking advantage of the previous two strategies, you should have a nice stack of around 45 credits without attending a class. Eventually, you do have to start your coursework though. Once you do, plan to work harder than usual to be done faster than usual.

Here are your choices:

  • Enroll in an average 15 credits for both the fall and spring semesters. Each year, you earn 30 credits.
  • Enroll in the MAX number of credits you can, which is 18 credits, and take classes in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Each year, you can earn 54 credits.

The second choice will almost double the speed that you can complete your classwork. The fastest way to complete your degree is to earn as many credits as possible in the shortest time.

4. Bonus: Transferring Your Existing College Credits

If you have previously attended a college class and earned at least a C in the class, you can probably still use that credit. Even if the class doesn’t specifically fill a class requirement for your degree, there is always room to use that credit as an elective. That saves you time and money!

How to Your Lower Tuition Costs

screenshot of FAFSA website

You do need to earn 120-180 credits to be awarded your bachelor’s degree, BUT you do not need to pay the tuition for all those credits. Don’t waste your tuition money on non-essential classes! Use Credit by Exam and Credit for Prior Learning to save yourself money.

Then, save yourself even more money by taking advantage of all the financial aid that you can. The first step is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It will show you how much money you qualify for in grants and loans.

Afterward, you look into scholarships from universities or private organizations, and if you’re already working, you can see if your company has any programs to help employees continue their education.

Hospitality Management Degree Accreditation

logos of regional accrediting boards

Accreditation means that your school’s program has been evaluated by a third-party and found to be acceptable. It guarantees that the classes, curriculum, faculty, and research done by your school are up to date and valuable.

Your school should be accredited regionally, which will give your degree validity for your employer or graduate school. Here are regional accrediting boards you should look for.

  • Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
  • Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)
  • New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE)
  • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU)
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
  • WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC)

Any one of these accreditors associated with your school will ensure that your degree is recognized by others.

Questions Related to Earning Your Hospitality Management Degree

Here are some summary questions many students ask.

What Is a Hospitality Management Major?

In most cases, a Hospitality Management Major is a business degree specializing in the hospitality industry, such as hotels or other types of lodging, restaurants, tourism and transportation services, and event planning. You’ll take general business classes but also classes that pertain to your specific area of interest.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Hospitality Management?

You could work in the hotel or resort industry, in food or beverage service, event planning, or tourism. Anywhere people go and need a little pampering, you could be there to ensure that they have a great time. And you’ll be paid well for your service.

What Is Hospitality Management Salary?

The salary for a Hospitality Management graduate ranges from $47,000-107,000 depending on your experience, job title, and location. There are many opportunities to use the skills you learn in a hospitality management program in a variety of industries.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Hospitality Management Degree?

That depends on the program you enroll in. If you can go to school full-time, we recommend taking accelerated classes, which will help you finish in half the time as a normal four-year degree. You can also test out of classes and submit a Credit for Prior Learning portfolio to help you finish even faster. You might be looking at 18 months to finish your degree.

List of Schools Offering Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Online

Rankings Methodology

Each of these universities and colleges holds proper accreditation from a regional board and offers bachelor degrees in hospitality management online.

  1. Bethune-Cookman University
  2. California State University – East Bay
  3. Charleston Southern University
  4. Coastal Carolina University
  5. East Carolina University
  6. Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus
  7. Everglades University
  8. Florida International University
  9. Fort Hays State University
  10. Granite State College
  11. Johnson & Wales University-Online
  12. Madonna University
  13. Missouri State University
  14. Norfolk State University
  15. North Carolina Central University
  16. Northern Arizona University
  17. Robert Morris University
  18. Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
  19. Southern Oregon University
  20. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi
  21. Troy University
  22. University of Alabama
  23. University of Massachusetts – Amherst
  24. University of Missouri
  25. University of South Carolina – Beaufort
  26. University of South Carolina – Columbia
  27. University of the Southwest
  28. University of Utah
  29. University of Wisconsin – Stout
  30. Washington State University

Are You Feeling Hospitable?

restaurant manager discussing with her staff in a commercial kitchen

Are you loving the idea of being the one who makes the fun and enjoyment happen for others? Maybe you have already been working in hospitality and know this is where you want to grow in your career.

Start by narrowing down and applying to your choice of schools. Once you’re accepted, work on testing out of as many classes as you can and earning as much credit for prior learning as you can. Then, take your classes as quickly as possible, and you’ll be out in the workforce in at least half the time as other students.

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