Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Online

Do you love working with people? You are a natural born planner and organizer? You are all about helping people to enjoy themselves and you love making sure that people have everything they need for a good time?

You might want to think about getting an accelerated degree in hospitality management.

A degree in hospitality can set you up for a variety of opportunities across the world. Including in your own city. You can learn the confidence, business expertise and professional skills you need to succeed in a VERY competitive field.

If you have ever gone out to eat, been to a conference, stayed at a hotel, attended a sports event, or even been in a cafeteria or hospital you have encountered somebody who works in the hospitality industry.

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But here’s the hard truth. Hospitality management is a highly competitive field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs available in hotel management will grow more slowly than jobs in other fields.

You are going to need 2 things to succeed. Experience is key. Most employers will want you to have experience in hospitality and often expect you to work your way up. But a bachelor’s degree can make you stand out when it comes to promotions and career growth.

Event planning which includes meetings and conventions is where the jobs are growing. With a projected growth of 11% over the next 8 years. Here a bachelor’s degree will do you good.

Are you already working in hospitality? You work crazy hours. Evenings, nights, weekends? When everybody else is partying that is when you work the hardest.

The thought of trying to squeeze in time to complete a 4-year degree might not sound doable.

You don’t need to take 4 years. There are a few interesting secret tips (that are not actually secret) that can have you holding your bachelor’s degree in hospitality in less than 2 years. While also saving you $10000s. Letting you continue to work and gain experience and get the education you need to potentially be promoted.

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Overview

The classes offered in a hospitality management degree expands the knowledge that you have from working in hospitality. Your class list blends classes that sound like an itinerary from a cruise ship or 5-star hotel with practical knowledge that you will need to best serve your customers.

You could be taking classes like:

  • Introduction to Wine
  • Club Operations and Management
  • Hospitality Business Ownership
  • Meeting and Event Planning and Management
  • Quantity Food Production Systems
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Food Management: Safety and Nutrition
  • Hospitality Beverages
  • The Foodservice Distribution Channel
  • Managing Quality in Hospitality Businesses

The credits that you will need can range from 120 to 180 degrees. Your class choices will depend on what area of hospitality you want to work in.

Careers with an Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree

A career in hospitality is centered on helping people to enjoy themselves when they are out. Whether that is in food, accommodation, drinks, tourism, traveling, attractions or customer service.

This is a BOOMING market, hotels worldwide make over half a trillion dollars in revenue every year. Other than hotels you might be interested in a job as

– restaurant manager

– event planner

Or at a:

– theme park

– resort club

– cruise line

– casino

Or even with a professional sports team or music group planning and arranging for transportation, meals and entertainment as they travel.

Career Annual Salary
Food Service Manager $50,820
Lodging Manager $51,840
Event Planner $47,350
Administrative Services Managers $90,050
Director of Housekeeping $72,622
Executive Casino Host $53,717
Food and Beverage Director $91,973
Hotel Manager $104,405
Restaurant General Manager $50,820

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Within each career path, there is a wide range of opportunities. Obviously, if you are working for a big name, high-level organization you can make a lot more money and there is more room for advancement. But even a career in your local hotel can still pay the bills.

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

A career in hospitality means that you work when everybody else is on vacation or heading out of town. You are probably used to this idea. This is why you won’t be surprised to find that you can start your online hospitality degree whenever you want.

You can dive into your degree during the off-season or shoulder season. There is no reason to stress yourself out by trying to make your life fit into the school’s admission dates. There are admission dates offered by most online universities every month.

Start when it works best for you!

Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes vs. Self-Paced Classes

When you are planning travel accommodations for a customer you know that how you travel will have a huge impact on how quickly you get to your destination.

Attending a class in a classroom is like traveling by car. Really, compared to more modern methods it is slow. Your class typically runs on a 16-week schedule.

There are faster options and the 2 best for online classes are accelerated classes and self-paced classes.

Option 1: Accelerated Online Hospitality Management Classes

An accelerated class is like flying with an airline. Definitely faster than driving. An accelerated online class can be completed in 6 weeks. You still will learn all the same material as you would in a classroom but the learning can be done on your own time and doesn’t require you to attend a class.

Like flying with an airline there is a set departure or start date. And you (typically) arrive at your destination at a set time. You choose and plan your travel itinerary based on what flights are offered. Just like you choose your classes based on when they are offered and you must finish assignments by the designated due dates.

Option 2: Self-Paced Online Hospitality Management Classes

Registering for self-paced classes could be compared to flying with a private jet. You get to set the schedule, leave when you want and choose which stops to make along the way.

Self-paced classes give you that flexibility to plan out your own semester. You can register for a 12-week semester, pay your one-time fee for the entire semester and then decide how many and what classes you are going to complete.

There are no weekly deadlines, assignments or end dates. You get to be in control of how fast you complete the classes.

Types of Accelerated Hospitality Management Degree Programs

The type of hospitality management degree you take will depend on which direction you want to go with your career. Whether that is tourism, event planning, food services, or lodging. The best paying business degrees have a base as either a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Bachelor of Science. The base of your degree will determine your core courses, you will want to know if you are more interested in the business or the science side of hospitality.

Some of the degrees you could look at are:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree with a Specialization in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Business degree with a concentration in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Event Management degree
  • Bachelor of Science in Restaurant & Foodservice Management degree
  • Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management degree

Look at the list of classes for each degree and see which ones fit best with the career you are wanting to pursue.

Still not sure if this major is the right one for you? There are dozens of other accelerated degree programs offered online such as Business or Management.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Hospitality Management Degree Even More

Often when a customer wants something, they want it now. No waiting. When you are getting your degree in hospitality management YOU are the customer and you have the right to want your degree fast.

These 3 tips put you in the VIP line to get your degree in half the time it would typically take. You don’t have the time and money to waste on years of classes.

1. Test out of college classes (up to 1 year)

When you are looking into a degree, the first thing you think is usually “which classes do I have to attend?”

A better question is “which classes do I need credit for and which classes do I WANT to attend?” You don’t need to go to class to earn credit for most of your core competency classes. Classes like intro to Philosophy, Natural Science, Intro to Finances, Literature and Composition. If you already have a grasp on these topics, you can just take the exam to get the credit.

Through the College Level Examination Program, you can register for $87 to take exams in most core classes. The exam is only 90 multiple choice questions, if you can pass the exam with at least a 50% than you get all 3 college credits.

Even if you are not confident you know the material, you can grab a study guide beforehand and study.

2. Get college credit for your life and work experience

Many colleges will give you credit for your work experience. This is an amazing deal! Especially if you have been working in the hospitality industry before starting your degree.

At American Intercontinental University you would need to submit a portfolio that includes:

– documentation of your experience

– demonstrates how your experience matches the objectives for the course you want credit for

– shows that you mastered the learning outcomes of an American Intercontinental University course.

There is even a team that will work with you to complete your Prior Learning Assessment to make sure you earn all the credit you deserve.

For most universities you can earn at least 15 credits.

3. Stay continuously enrolled with max course load

Now you should have a nice stack of at least 45 credits without attending a class. Eventually you do have to start your coursework. Once you do, plan to work harder than usual to be done faster than usual.

Here are your choices:

  • Enroll in an average 15 credits for both the fall and winter semesters. Each year you earn 30 credits.
  • Enroll in the MAX number of credits you can, which is 18 credits, and take classes in the fall, winter and summer semesters. Each year you can earn 54 credits.

The second choice will almost double the speed that you can complete your classwork. The fastest way to complete your degree is to earn as many credits as possible in the shortest time.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

If you were staying at a hotel that you had stayed at before and had rewards points saved up that offered you a free night, you would use them, right? That’s a no-brainer.

Using existing college credit should also be a no-brainer. If you have previously attended a college class and earned yourself some college credit, you can still use that credit.

There are 3 checks to make sure that your credit will work:

  • You earned the credit for an accredited college
  • When you took the class, you passed and got at least a C
  • The class fits into the requirements for your hospitality degree

But even if the class doesn’t specifically fill a class requirement for your degree, there is always room to use that credit as an elective. That still saves you time and money!

Lower Tuition Costs

When you are planning a trip, staying at a fancy hotel or eating out the secret to saving money is to not pay for what you don’t need or want.

Tuition works the same way. You do need to earn 120-180 credits to be awarded your bachelor’s degree, BUT you do not need to pay the tuition for all those credits.

If you paid the full tuition price for each 3-credit class at Cornell University you are looking at $5481 for one class. Even an online school like American Intercontinental University will cost you $975 for each class you take.

Don’t waste your tuition money on non-essential classes! That is why you need to use Credit by Exam and Credit for Prior Learning to save yourself money. In your degree outline you will see that up to 20 of your classes are general credit. Unless you have a desire to dive deep into Natural Sciences, just take the exam and check that class off your requirements for only $87 instead of $975.

Then you can put your hard-earned savings towards the class you are really wanting to take, like Gastronomy.

Cost Of Hospitality Management Degree

Ways To Earn Credit Number Of Credits Total Cost
Attend Cornell University 120 $219,272
Attend Michigan States University 120

Michigan Resident: $58,064

Non-Michigan Resident $157,844

Attend American Intercontinental University 180 $58,500
College Level Examination Program


Credit for Prior Learning


Remaining classes at American Intercontinental University








Total Credits








Total Tuition


Hospitality Management Degree Accreditation

Most people when they are travelling, going to a restaurant or attending a conference will look for reviews before they go. Accreditation is one way that you can check the “reviews” for the school you want to attend.

But accreditation is more than just a positive review, accreditation means that your school’s program has been evaluated by an accrediting board and found to be acceptable. That the classes, curriculum, faculty and research done by your school is up to date and valuable.

Your school may be accredited regionally which will give your degree enough validity for your employer or graduate school.

But you might want a bigger name stamp on your degree, these are the national accrediting boards you would look for.

Any one of these accreditors associated with your school will ensure that your degree is recognized by others.


Are you loving the idea of being the one who makes the fun and enjoyment happen for others? Maybe you have already been working in hospitality and you know this is where you want to grow in your career.

You can advance in your career through your hard work and experience or you can add a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management to your resume and make yourself stand out. Instead of learning through trial and error you can learn from other experts. Bringing new and exciting ideas to your industry.

But remember that your degree does not need to be as expensive as you thought. The tips you learned here can save you years of classroom attendance and $1000s in tuition.

You can earn your degree AND still have time and money for your own vacation. When you’re done your degree, you could take a trip to Cabo and consider it “field research” in the hospitality industry. Maybe drop off your resume.

Where would your dream job take you?

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