Accelerated Human Resources Degree Online

An accelerated online human resources degree can put you at the front of a competitive job market.

Forbes has ranked human resource management as the 6th best job.

Accelerated human resources degree online

Human resource management has:

  • An average annual salary of $85,000
  • Salary growth that is above average
  • More job openings than any other role in Glassdoor’s top jobs list

Human resources is a growing job market. With good reason. Where there are employees a human resources department is required. Every company with at least 25 employees usually has at least one employee in human resources.

A job in human resources allows you to play a vital role in hiring, training and evaluating employees. You would be the one who protects both the company and the employee. You would help ensure that each person is living up to their full potential.

Building the most foundational aspect of a company. The people.

If people matter to you, a degree in human resources might be right for you. If you are excited about the great balancing act between meeting the needs of the company and the needs of the person, this could be your future.

A business degree in human resources is not necessary to work in the human resource department. But a degree can pave the path for promotion and advancement. You know the HR management jobs with six figure incomes? Those usually will require at least a bachelor’s degree. If not a master’s.

A bachelor’s degree in human resources is typically a 4 year program that costs $75,000-$120,000. That’s pricey! And that’s just the tuition. Who can afford to stop working for 4 years to attend school full time? Not if you have a family. A mortgage. Bills to pay.

Or what if you are already working with a great company in the human resources department? You can see the potential for promotion if you had your degree. You don’t need to give up that great job to earn your degree.

You can finish a degree in 18-24 months. True story. Save yourself at least $30,000 in tuition. AND continue to work while you do it.

Humans are our most valuable resource and you are a resource worth investing in.

Accelerated Human Resources Degree Programs Overview

Working with people is not an easy gig. People are complicated! But a concentration in human resources can prepare you for the common challenges you will find. Most schools will offer you a Bachelor in Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources.

You will receive training in business skills like:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • marketing

As well as classes that prep you for managing employees. Typical classes would include:

  • Global Managerial Economics
  • Management of Human Resources
  • Managing Organization Change
  • Spreadsheet applications
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Staffing the Organization
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Training and Employee Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Managing Labor-Management Relations

That’s a double whammy of classes. A delightful combination of business management and employee management. Just what a job in human resources requires.

Careers with an Accelerated Human Resources Degree

Every industry, company and organization with more than 25 employees typically has a human resources department. Can you wrap your head around how many jobs that would mean?

In a competitive job seeker’s market, human resources are key to the success of a company. A good HR department can find and retain the right people for the company. These companies include law firms, hospitals, universities, restaurant chains, financial services.

Think of the last 3 businesses you’ve been to. Starbucks? They have HR. McDonald’s? Absolutely. The post office? Yep.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job market for human resources will grow by 7 percent between 2016-2026. With jobs as a human resource managers surpassing that rate at 9 percent in the next 9 years. With an extra 12,000 jobs being created by 2026.

Career Annual Salary
Administrative Services Managers $90,050
Human Resource Manager – Health care $91,250
Compensation and Benefits Manager $116,240
Compensation and Benefits Specialist $62,080
Human Resources Specialist $59,180
Training and Development Managers $105,830
Human Resource Manager – Private company $121,390
Human Resource Manager – Technical Services $120,980
Human Resources Manager – Government $95,950
Human Resources Manager – Manufacturing $103,200

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

You can start on the ladder to human resources without post-secondary education. But in order to advance farther you will usually require a bachelor’s degree. Does this list of management jobs look tempting? There’s no need to resist. Let’s get started!

Accelerated Human Resources Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

Usually you will have to wait until September to start your degree. Luckily you do not have to go the usual route. Education is drastically changing and you can use this to your advantage. Check with your school. Most likely they will have start dates this month. And next.

You can decide when the best time is for you to start your degree. Or you can start now when you feel motivated and excited.

The only way to guarantee you NEVER get your degree, is to not start. If you start now you are one step closer to finishing.

Accelerated Human Resources Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes vs. Self-Paced Classes

In human resources you work with people. All the time. That’s why they call it “human” resources.

The funny thing about people is they are all different. Same thing applies to you. By now you probably know how you work best.

Are you a self starter?

Do you need somebody to motivate you?

Answering these questions will help you to decide the best (and quickest!) way to complete your classes. The 2 options you have for online classes are accelerated online classes or self-paced classes.

An accelerated class allows you to travel through a class at almost double the speed. Kind of like completing a lap on a race track with turbo power. But you still have a start date, assignment due dates and a finish line (that’s the end of the class). You can only go as fast as the class is set up to go.

Self-paced classes are like being given a set amount of time to race on the track. But there is no limit to how fast or how many laps (that means classes) you can do. If you have a need for speed, this option can have you flying through classes at record speeds.

Option 1: Accelerated Online Human Resources Classes

Is this what you imagine taking a class is like: you register for a class in Business Management. You commute to your class 2-3 times a week and sit in your desk trying to look interested for 16 weeks. That’s old school!

Online classes mean you register for a class and sit on your comfy couch in your yoga pants after work and complete your class work. Accelerated means that instead of taking 16 weeks, your class only takes you 8 weeks. Giving you more time to plan your office Christmas party OR take another class. Earn 6 credits in 16 weeks instead of 3.

Option 2: Self-Paced Online Human Resources Classes

Are you hoping to finish your classes super quick? For a self driven person like you, self paced is a good fit.

In 12 weeks you can complete as many classes as you can. Yes. The only limit is your ability.

School’s like Western Governors University allow you to pay $2790 for a 6 month term. During that time you can earn multiple credits towards your business degree in human resources.

Types of Accelerated Human Resources Degree Programs

Human Resources Management is the most common degree in HR but there are other concentrations you might want to focus on.

  • Purdue University – Global offers an online Bachelor’s in Business – Human Resources. Online classes are just 6 weeks long.
  • Colorado Tech offers an online Bachelor’s in Business – HR Management. Online classes are 8 weeks long.

You will need to choose if you want to focus on the management, leadership or business part of human resources.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Human Resources Degree Even More

If you are already working in human resources, you can probably see that potential job opening in management just over the horizon. Almost in your reach. You don’t have 4 years to twiddle away at a degree when you know the sooner you have your human resource degree the sooner you can be considered for higher level jobs.

There are 3 stellar options to get you ready in less time than you think!

1. Test out of college classes (up to 1 year)

Did you know you don’t have to take classes to get credit? Crazy, I know. But the HR department always knows all the rules and tricks.

You can register with the College Level Examination Program and take up to 30 credits without attending one class. You could even complete 5 college classes in 5 hours.

A College Level Examination Program exam is typically a 90 minute exam that can earn you up to 6 credits. Even if you don’t ace the exam, you still get the credit if you only get 50% of the questions right.

Up to 66 of the credit hours you need for a bachelor’s degree are “general education”. Those are usually classes you aren’t that interested in taking anyways, why not just test out of them?

2. Get college credit for your life and work experience

If you are pursuing a degree in human resources but have been already working in a related field, you HAVE to use this option for earning credit.

Workplace certificates and training can be presented to your school in a portfolio. Check how your school does this. Usually it will mean that you can be given credit for your having earned:

– a certificate in professional in human resources

– a senior profession in human resources

– training at the Boston University Corporate Education Center

– office training at the U.S. Office of Personnel

If you have any prior work training and certifications, check with the American Council on Education for the recommended credits you can earn. You might have up to 15 credits waiting for you already!

3. Stay continuously enrolled with the max courseload

Just because everybody else takes 30 credits in a year, doesn’t mean that is all you are allowed to take. Remember HR always knows all the exceptions and rules? A typical class schedule can take you 4-5 years to complete a human resource degree.

BUT. You can take more classes than the typical student. Most colleges allow for up to 18 credits per semester. Which gives you an extra class each semester. BUT. The genius in you will realize that summer is a semester too. Meaning that you could earn 54 credits in 12 months.

It would be a very busy time and require a lot of dedication. BUT. If you test out of 30 credits, submit a portfolio for 15 credits and take 54 credits a year. In 18 months you can have 126 credits.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

Remember when you took that college class way back when and realized you hated Biology? But you still passed the class. Don’t waste that class!

Credit that you have already earned from another college class or degree can be used to meet your human resource degree requirements. The 3 qualifiers are that

  1. Your college was accredited
  2. You actually passed the class. Sorry just showing up won’t help you now, you need at least a C in the class.
  3. The class matches your new degree.

But even if you don’t need a Biology class for your human resource degree, you do still need to cover those general education electives. There will always be a science, literature, history class requirement that you can use previous credit to fill.

Lower Tuition Costs

Did you know the most expensive part of getting your degree is the tuition?

Don’t throw your HR manual at me, I know that sounds obvious. But on the flip side the best way to reduce your degree expenses is to pay less tuition.

Think this through.

A bachelor degree in business administration with a focus on human resource management could be 120-180 credits.

Here’s the harsh truth. If you go to the University of Pennsylvania you are looking at $198,144 for your degree. Even a more moderate school like the University of Nebraska will end up costing you $74,440 for your degree.

Are you crying softly now and reconsidering getting your degree? While wipe your tears. Because you can take fewer classes and pay less tuition. That saves you $10000s of dollars.

Remember that you can earn 30 credits by credit by exam through College Level Examination Program? That will only cost you $850 for a year of classes instead of $18,000-$49,000.

Cost Of Human Resources Degree

Ways To Earn Credit Number Of Credits Total Cost
Attend University of Pennsylvania 120 $198,144
Attend University of Nebraska 120 $74,440
Attend Colorado Technical University 180 $58,500
College Level Examination Program


Credit for Prior Learning


Remaining classes at Colorado Technical University








Total Credits








Total Tuition


 It’s completely affordable. You can have your bachelor’s degree in human resources in 18-24 months for only $46,225. Half the time and a quarter to half the cost.

Human Resources Degree Accreditation

The biggest fear you might have regarding an online degree will be: is it going to be valid?

Not all online degrees will be. You are smart to think about that.

The best way to cover your butt is to look for a degree program that is accredited. Yes. Many online degrees are accredited and nationally recognized.

Because your degree is most likely a business degree you would be looking for accreditation from:

Even if your school is not nationally accredited you can look for regional accreditation which makes your degree a real thing as well.


Are you ready for that management role in human resources? Ready to apply for one of the top 6 best jobs? Thinking of that average salary of $85,000 with over 12,000 new jobs coming up.

You want to work with people and for people. Help both the company and the employee to live up to their full potential.

But you can’t sacrifice your family, job to get there. So don’t.

Give yourself 2 years. Test out of classes, earn credit through a portfolio. Save $10000s and still earn your degree.

Where would you go then?

Every company, industry and business with at least 25 employees has a human resources department. It’s up to you who you want to work with!

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