Easy Bachelor Degrees [2020 Ultimate Guide]

Looking for easy bachelor degrees? We all know there are no shortcuts in life, but when it comes to college degrees, there is an EASY way and a hard way.

We define “easy bachelor degrees” as those with the highest average GPA among students. Check out our list to see what you might like to major in.

Easy Bachelor Degrees

Note that just because other people find a degree easy doesn’t mean that it will be for you. It all depends on your skillset.

What Are the Top Easy Bachelor Degrees?

According to average GPAs, these are the 10 easiest bachelor degrees. Click on one to jump to that section.

  1. Criminal Justice
  2. English Literature
  3. Liberal Arts
  4. Management & Leadership
  5. Marketing & Communications
  6. Ministry
  7. Music
  8. Philosophy
  9. Psychology
  10. Social Work

And these fields aren’t only easy by most people’s standards; they also offer quite a variety of job opportunities.

Criminal Justice

security manager standing near the entrance of a building

Always wanted to fight alongside justice ever since you were a kid? Do you always seek balance and unbiased judgment? Criminal justice can help you pursue a career that will do just that!

Criminal Justice Pros

  • It is the most rewarding way to help people in need. Some of these opportunities will help you make upward of $49,000 per year.
  • You won’t do a lot of reading and writing tasks while taking up Criminal Justice. Science and math are also not as intense as other degrees.

Criminal Justice Cons

  • Your work will always be hands-on in helping people, and it can be a very stressful job if you are not passionate about it.

Criminal Justice Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Security Manager $70,439
Attorney / Lawyer $68,592
Associate Attorney $65,998
Operations Manager $62,527
Paralegal $45,218
Probation Officer $41,330
Legal Assistant $35,824

English Literature

male writer working in a cafe

Do you love reading books? Do you always give out constructive criticism to another person’s literary work? Do you write exceptionally well, and every word comes naturally? If so, then English Literature is the perfect degree for you!

English Literature Pros

  • You will have all the time in the world to read books.
  • No major research papers and most of your work will be opinion-based, so you can never be wrong!
  • Every company, organization, and sector needs a writer, so a vast range of opportunities will be available for you.
  • Writers have loads of work, and we need help. I hope our exceptional editors don’t take out my call for recruits.

English Literature Cons

  • Lack of focus in this degree makes it hard to narrow down the career that you can take.

English Literature Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Marketing Director $91,133
Marketing Manager $65,621
Project Manager $64,846
Technical Writer $59,457
Executive Assistant $53,721
High School Teacher $52,823
Copywriter $51,698

Liberal Arts

executive assistant working in the office

If you’re unsure of what you’re really passionate about, taking up Liberal Arts will give you a deeper foundation of knowledge that you can apply in sciences, arts, and humanities.

Liberal Arts Pros

  • Liberal arts will help you develop critical and logical thinking, statistics, and emotional intelligence that can make your resume competitive when looking for work.
  • Getting this bachelor’s degree gives you a vast number of career paths.

Liberal Arts Cons

  • You will be studying different topics, which makes you a jack of all trades and master of none until you take up master’s or doctorate.

Liberal Arts Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Human Resources (HR) Director $94,924
Executive Director $85,907
General Project Manager $65,652
Marketing Manager $64,143
Executive Assistant $58,277
Office Manager $53,412
Administrative Assistant $42,949

Management & Leadership

project manager collaborating with teammates for a project

In every group, there is always this one person who comes out to lead the rest. It’s a natural, and if you were born an alpha leader, Management & Leadership is a course of study that you should check out.

Management & Leadership Pros

  • You will have all the skill sets that are necessary to climb up the corporate ladder.
  • Rewarding careers in every sector always await effective leaders.
  • You will be in charge of your team’s success, and you are always on the driver’s seat.

Management & Leadership Cons

  • Your skills in this career will be very evident, based on how your team performs.
  • You will be dealing with a lot of conflicts that you need to resolve immediately.

Management & Leadership Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Category Manager $99,589
Account Executive $90,578
Operations Manager $78,539
General / Operations Manager $70,526
Project Manager $63,460
Buyer $54,215
Membership Coordinator $31,025

Marketing & Communications

marketing team working together in the office

If you have this eye for marketing and you compellingly deliver messages, then a degree in Marketing & Communications is a great career path for you.

Marketing & Communications Pros

  • You don’t need a career to apply the theories that you learn from this course. You can use it every day and apply it to your social interactions.
  • You will have the freedom to express your creativity. You will receive constructive criticism, but you can never be wrong because it is about your perception.

Marketing & Communications Cons

  • Creativity is the focus of this degree, and it can be challenging, especially after years of learning everything by the book.

Marketing & Communications Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Marketing Director $77,260
Marketing Manager $64,393
Account Manager $55,595
Marketing Specialist $53,563
Account Executive $49,760
Digital Marketing Specialist $46,130
Marketing Coordinator $43,857


senior pastor conducting a wedding

Different religions have different requirements in ministry, but one thing is for sure; you need a bachelor’s degree in ministry if you want to start teaching your faith.

Ministry Pros

  • You will have the chance to build a deeper spiritual connection with more people than any career path available.
  • Getting a bachelor’s degree in ministry almost guarantees that work is ready in your church as soon as you complete your studies.

Ministry Cons

  • Corporate positions will not be an option for you, and there’s only one career path that you can take.
  • Designation to places that you are not familiar with is highly possible.

Ministry Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Senior Pastor $61,109
Executive Director $59,781
Associate Pastor $49,934
Youth Pastor $35,338


music teacher teaching children in a classroom

Taking up music doesn’t mean that you will be a musician; you can also be a teacher, composer, or engineer. One thing is for sure; you need a burning passion to succeed in the music industry.

Music Pros

  • You can start applying all the lessons that you learn immediately, even without a career.
  • A career in the music industry opens up a lot of connections for you to build your network.
  • This degree will help you develop your tenacity, confidence, and patience. All of which are important in almost every career.

Music Cons

  • Steady employment can be challenging to find unless you take up another degree that backs your skills.
  • It takes a lot of persistence to succeed in the music industry.

Music Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Marketing Director $80,002
Worship Pastor $51,031
Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization $46,862
Elementary School Teacher $43,083
Music Teacher $42,537
Music Director $42,377
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization $36,549


paralegal verifying documents in the office

If you see the world in all angles, examine the meaning of life, and just interpret everything that’s happening in a way that your friends cannot comprehend, then take up philosophy.

Philosophy Pros

  • Critical and logical thinking, backed with sound reasoning, are some of the priorities when employers look at a resume.
  • You can never be wrong if you are taking this bachelor’s degree, literally. You only need to be creative enough to make your point logical, and you’re good.
  • Getting yourself a deep foundation in philosophy means you’ll never lose another argument, ever.

Philosophy Cons

  • Philosophy is not career-focused, so finding the right position can be challenging.
  • It is considered as “soft science” with no evidence other than sound reasoning.

Philosophy Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Marketing Manager $67,545
Project Manager $66,200
Account Executive $62,197
Operations Manager $61,518
Research Analyst $53,347
High School Teacher $50,52
Paralegal $46,101


human resource manager talking to an employee

Do you fancy understanding the human psyche? Taking up psychology will allow you to study human behavior.

Psychology Pros

  • Specializing in human behavior opens up a lot of opportunities in almost every sector where humans are employed.
  • You will gain a vast wealth of transferable skills that can be used for analytical and critical thinking together with excellent communication skills.

Psychology Cons

  • You will do a lot of statistical analysis and research while taking up psychology, giving you a lot of sleepless nights.
  • Although understanding human behavior can open a lot of opportunities, you still need a master’s or doctorate to work as a psychologist.

Psychology Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Human Resources (HR) Director $88,095
Executive Director $81,016
Human Resources (HR) Manager $67,570
General Project Manager $67,177
Operations Manager $60,776
Human Resources (HR) Generalist $55,675
Case Manager $37,214

Social Work

social worker talking to a family during home visit

If you always have this urge to make someone’s life better, or if helping others feels like your primal instinct, then a degree in Social Work is perfect for you.

Social Work Pros

  • You don’t need high-level mathematics, science, and English classes to get this degree.
  • Before you graduate, you will be required to take an internship, which gives you a headstart when it comes to building your connections.

Social Work Cons

  • You will be taking up a lot of real-life social issues, and some of which may be disturbing for a lot of people.

Social Work Careers and Salary

Possible Career Paths  Median Salary
Executive Director $73,493
Licensed Clinical Social Worker $55,894
Program Manager, Non-Profit Organization $48,610
Social Worker $47,381
Mental Health Therapist $46,352
Program Coordinator, Non-Profit Organization $41,410
Case Manager $36,848

Questions Related to Earning an Easy Bachelor Degree

Here are a few more points of interest.

What’s the Easiest Bachelor Degree to Earn?

There is no exact science or definitive way to determine the easiest bachelor’s degree. Less math, more English, or a pinch of everything else? That’s not really how we can find our career path.

It will always boil down to your personality and the subjects that you are most passionate about. However, here’s a question to answer your question; if there is one thing that you can do all day without pay, what would be it?

What Are Easy Majors that Pay Well?

To answer the question literally, Liberal Arts, Management & Leadership, and English Literature are three easy bachelor’s degrees that pay well.

Figuratively, getting paid well is having a career path that you enjoy, regardless of how much you earn. A social worker may not make as much as a category director, but for social workers, getting paid to create a better world is more rewarding.

How Quickly Can You Get a Bachelor’s Degree?

Conventional bachelor’s degrees will take four years to complete. However, there are accelerated college programs that you can apply to drastically reduce the time you’ll need to get a degree. By testing out of classes and taking online courses, it is possible to get a bachelor’s degree within 2-3 years.

Can You Get a Bachelors in 2 Years?

Yes, you can get a bachelors in 2 years, but it will depend on your persistence. You can enroll in universities that offer accelerated degree programs or apply to bachelor’s degree completion programs.

If you can handle the fast-paced learning environment of accelerated programs, it is even possible to get a degree in about 18 months.

Which Is the Best Bachelor Degree?

bachelor's degree student graduating

The best bachelor’s degree is subjective; having less math compared to other courses does not make it the best. Is it cheaper? Does it pay well? What impact can it create for you? Are you passionate about the subject? These questions will help you decide on a career path.

With all the university programs available to students today, it’s easier than ever to find an easy bachelor’s degree that suits your personality and skill set. You can check them online to try some of the tests and programs that will help you figure out the fantastic career path that awaits you.

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