Easy Bachelor Degrees – Are they legit?

Looking for easy bachelor degrees? We all know there are no shortcuts in life, but when it comes to college degrees, there is an EASY way and a hard way.

young guy looking for an easy online bachelor degree programs on laptopLooking for easy bachelor degrees?

What is easy for some is not easy for others, which is why anyone looking for easy online bachelor degree programs is looking for the wrong thing.

There are a lot of schools out there who are looking for people who are looking for easily, and the so-called degree you get for the money and time is often not worth the paper and ink it took to print it. Easy does not mean that something’s effortless or takes no work, but easy can mean that you will be able to find fulfilling, interesting, and profitable work in your chosen field.

We discuss easy bachelor’s degrees below, but you can also check out our guide to easy and quick online degree programs here.

Easy Bachelor Degree Programs

When you’re looking for easy bachelor degree programs, you should be looking for a way to find a career that you’ll enjoy and find interesting and rewarding on a psychological and monetary level. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you love being around people and taking a leadership role, or are you more comfortable finding your place in a working team? Are you creative and willing to try new things, or do you feel more comfortable with routines? Do you want to help people, or do you want to make your mark as an entrepreneur? To do that you need to think about yourself and what traits within yourself will make a particular career the best career for you.

Playing to the strengths and interests you already have is the key to a rewarding career. If you’re a square peg, why would you try to fit in a round hole? There are so many perfectly square holes out there. In the arts and sciences, there’s something for everyone, and exciting paths leading to places you may have only dreamed about. Chances are you already have some core skills and traits that will help you to find your perfect fit.

A Rough Guide to Careers

Consulting the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ online occupational outlook handbook is a great way to start your quest to find easy online bachelor degree programs that will be interesting and educational in addition to the seed of a rewarding career. The categories below are representative of those available on the site, and you can see what the highest paying and fastest growing jobs are, too.

You can find a great educational and career path that will be easy for you, simply because you find the work so interesting and satisfying. Pursuing a course of study will give you the needed critical and analytical thinking skills that better paying jobs require, and the technical skills to do them well.

  • Architecture and Engineering: Here you will find a varied slate of careers in fields such as Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Cartography, Computer Hardware Engineering, Health and Safety Engineering, and even Landscape Architecture. Great math skills are a must, but so are communication and writing skills, attention to detail, and a knack for logical problem solving.
  • Arts and Design: If you love art and design, this is the place for you, with easy online bachelor degree programs for careers in Art Direction, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Multimedia Artists and Animators. Digitally or in the real world, there’s always a place for aesthetics, as well as functional art. Creative, organized people will thrive in jobs that allow them to use their artistic talents to the fullest.
  • Business and Financial: Accountants and Auditors, Actuaries, Budget Analysts, Cost Estimators, Financial Examiners, Insurance Underwriters, Logisticians, and Revenue Agents are just a few of the many business and financial career paths opened with easy online bachelor degree programs. If business makes your world go ’round, then start building the skill set to succeed either in the business world or on your own.
  • Community and Social Service: Social work includes vitally needed Community Health Workers, Corrections Officers, Health Educators, Probation Officers, Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors, and Social Services Case Officers. Easy online bachelor degree programs can cultivate your concern for your community and care for people into a full-fledged satisfying career. People skills are the most vital part of social services, along with analytical thinking, and patience.
  • Computer and Information Technology: Computer Network Architects, Database Administrators, Information Security Analysts, and Software Developers are highly accessible, in demand careers available with easy online bachelor degree programs. Computer Science and IT majors need attention to detail and concentration, but also need to be creative problem solvers, and clear communicators.
  • Healthcare: Growing demand in the healthcare field is driving a hiring push for Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists, Dietitians and Nutritionists, Healthcare Administrators, Nurses (RN to BSN), and Occupational Safety and Health Analysts. Healthcare workers seeking easy online bachelor degree programs need communication skills first and foremost, but also people skills, patience, and organization in what can be a very hectic environment.
  • Management: If you can motivate and manage teams of people, have an eye for efficiency, and great communication skills, a management career could make you smile with opportunities for so many different career paths. A baccalaureate in business opens the doors for Administrative Services Managers, Advertising Managers, Computer and Information Systems Managers, and even public sector jobs such as Emergency Management Directors. Easy online bachelor degree programs can play to your strengths and make your educational experience and career exciting and fulfilling part of your life.
  • Media and Communication: Do you have a way with words and an eye for details? Has nobody has ever had to ask you what you were trying to say? Then easy online bachelor degree programs could open the doors to a career in Editing, as an Interpreter or Translator, Public Relations Specialist, or a Technical Writer. Writing skills, language skills, and communication skills are essential, along with the ability to work with people to get your message across.

Doing Something You Love Is Easy

One of the purposes of a college education is to guide students into a career that they will find gratifying, not only in the monetary sense but one in which they will find a sense of accomplishment. Working at a job where you have no interest beyond collecting a paycheck or even find frustrating and discouraging is something that many people yearn to change, and no matter where you are in your educational path, there is something out there that very likely call to you.

Education is work, but finding interest in and satisfaction in learning is a wonderful feeling. Even better is the sense of achievement and confidence that degree can bring, and the financial and job security that comes with it.

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