300 Best Online Masters Programs No GRE Required! [2019 Ultimate Guide]

Is the thought of grueling GRE prep keeping you from applying to grad school?

We get it. And so do the universities!

A growing number of reputable colleges now offer online masters programs that don’t require GRE scores for admission.

So, let’s dive right in…

Online Masters Programs No GRE required

Best Online Masters Programs Without GRE Requirements

You can narrow down your selection by desired field of study:


This degree will thoroughly prepare you for accounting jobs in business, government or the public sector. Courses may focus on both domestic and international accounting, and students may study topics like auditing, fraud, law and ethics. Many programs prepare participants to sit for their states’ CPA exams.

Business Administration

Whether you want to work for a small startup or an international corporation, getting your MBA can help. Graduates learn the skills needed for serving in leadership capacities at various organizations and companies, both nonprofit and for-profit. Programs often emphasize team-building and networking.


Be the voice of your company with a degree in communications. Students may be able to choose to focus on communications for public relations or communications for marketing. Programs may provide classes on understanding audiences, using digital media or facilitating change.

Computer Science

If you want to be involved in the software and technology side of business, consider a master’s in computer science. Programs often include topics like computer organization, robotics, artificial intelligence, mathematics and cybersecurity. These classes may prepare you to work in business, government or education settings.

Criminal Justice

Whether you want to work in law enforcement, fight terrorism or analyze criminal behavior, a master’s in criminal justice can help you meet your goals. Areas of study may include human psychology and behavior, criminology, diversity, data analysis, counterterrorism and the judicial system.


If you care about people and their feelings, a master’s in counseling will prepare you to listen to others and help them work through their problems. In a counseling program, you’ll study various aspects of mental health. After earning this master’s, you may choose to go on to complete your doctoral work.


As technology and the internet become more and more integral to daily life, cybersecurity becomes an increasingly important issue. If you pursue a master’s in cybersecurity, you may study engineering, information systems and network management. Graduates often pursue government, business or military careers.

Data Analytics

To help businesses and other organizations make crucial decisions, you can earn a degree in data analytics. Those pursuing this degree will learn how to collect data, analyze it and apply the findings. Students may gain familiarity with a variety of tools for data compilation and analysis.


If you’re a numbers person, consider a master’s in economics. Since this degree deals with matters of money and finance, it can be quite useful in the business world. Topics of study may include financial analysis, problem-solving, world markets and economic strategizing.


Whether you want to work in a school setting or in a teacher-support role, a master’s in education will equip you with the necessary tools. You may study the role of technology in modern education, learn a variety of instructional approaches, or receive certification as a special education teacher.


Do you want to become an expert at what it takes to run a successful business? Consider a master’s in entrepreneurship. Students in these programs study examples of what other businesses have done right and wrong. They are often encouraged to engage in hands-on activities that will grow their creativity and adaptability.


From investments to banking, if you’re interested in money, then consider a master’s in finance. This degree will prepare you to serve in a leadership role to help businesses manage their risks and craft solid financial plans. Some programs may provide the necessary credits to sit for financial certification exams.

Healthcare Administration

You’ll benefit from a master’s in healthcare administration if you want to serve in a leadership capacity in a healthcare organization, such as a hospital or a nursing home. The program may cover ethics and human resources in order to prepare you to lead teams of healthcare employees.

Healthcare Informatics

If you have an aptitude for technology and a desire to improve health outcomes for people, blend those two passions together with a degree in healthcare informatics. Sometimes known as health information systems, this field of study prepares students to collect, record and analyze health data.

Healthcare Management

Just like other organizations, hospitals, physicians’ groups and care facilities have business needs. If you’re a business-minded person interested in working in medical or caregiving settings, consider a degree in healthcare management. Your program may address financial and legal issues relating to healthcare services.


Completing a master’s in history program will give you the opportunity to analyze the past and apply its lessons to the modern world. Students often focus their studies on a particular time period. Graduates may work in education, preservation, political science or archaeology.

Hospitality Management

Restaurants, hotels and other travel-related businesses rely on hospitality experts. A master’s in hospitality program can help you broaden your understanding of the business side of the hospitality industry. Other course topics may include human resources, food service and tourism.

Human Resources

Experts in human resources help businesses run smoothly, and they serve to boost employees’ satisfaction with their workplaces. A master’s in human resources can equip you with the tools to train, support and compensate employees while also acting in financially responsible, legal and ethical ways.

Information Technology

To take on a leadership role related to cybersecurity, software development or data analytics, consider getting a master’s in information technology. These programs equip students with advanced internet and computer skills for use in various business settings.

International Business

Economies around the world often share close ties. To study these relationships and other factors influencing financial issues around the globe, enroll in an international business master’s program. Courses may cover not only economics but also intercultural relationships.


While many master’s degree programs can prepare you for a leadership role in your specific field, a master’s in leadership can help you take charge in a variety of organizational settings. Your coursework will show you how to manage change effectively, maintain ethical practices and make tough decisions.

Library Science

Libraries are storehouses of information, and pursuing a master’s in library science degree will help you learn to manage that information. Coursework may include classes on preservation, literacy, marketing and long-term planning. Graduates may work in schools, businesses, public libraries or specialty libraries.


Become an expert at making decisions and spearheading change by enrolling in a master’s in management program. By covering topics like communication, finance and human resources, the required classes will help you become an effective leader and organizer in various government, business and nonprofit settings.

Marriage and Family Therapy

A master’s in marriage and family therapy can equip you to counsel others. You can help people better themselves and their interpersonal relationships. Your coursework will provide techniques for helping family members communicate more effectively. Completing a marriage and family program is an important step toward taking a licensure examination.


Successful businesses need strong branding and a team of loyal followers. A master’s degree in marketing can help you facilitate this type of growth. Topics may include social media, research skills and consumer habits. Programs may have a heavy mathematical emphasis since marketers must understand statistics and probability.


If you want to lead a team of nurses, consider getting your master’s in nursing. This degree may also give you the opportunity to train nursing students. Specialties may include midwifery, anesthesiology and orthopedics. Most students begin with a bachelor’s of nursing, but registered nurses can enter some programs.

Operations Management

If you get your master’s in operations management, you’ll be poised to help businesses run smoothly. In this program, students may study finance, communications skills and regulation enforcement. Graduates may become analysts or work in risk management.

Project Management

For a leadership degree that will translate across a variety of fields, consider a master’s in project management. Classes will equip you to coordinate resources, people and ideas in ways that will help organizations advance. After graduation, you may hold a management position related to sales, business or information technology.


To learn more about how people think and behave, get your master’s in psychology. Course topics may include addiction, human development and behavior analysis. After graduation, you could work in the mental health field, or you could advance to doctoral studies in preparation to work as a psychologist.

Public Administration

A master’s in public administration can prepare you to take a leadership role in government, the public sector or a nonprofit organization. Classes may cover topics like finance, public safety and communications. Students also learn effective management skills and how to craft and implement policies.

Public Health

If you want to improve people’s health on a community-wide scale, a master’s in public health (don’t require GRE) is a good choice. These programs often cover topics like epidemiology, behavior and analytics. Students learn about health regulations, practices and ethics. Graduates may craft policies, lead healthcare groups or educate others.

Public Relations

Companies and organizations rely on public relations professionals to provide a line of communication to the public and the media. A public relations master’s program will include coursework related to communications, branding, crisis management and marketing. You may learn to speak to the press and to leverage social media.

Real Estate

Take your real estate, construction or property management career to the next level with a master’s in real estate. Your coursework will cover topics related to real estate finance, law, strategy and analytics. This master’s degree can prepare you to sit for critical certification exams.

Risk Management

Just one major crisis can spell death for an organization if those in charge don’t handle the situation well. With a master’s degree in risk management, you’ll be prepared to take the helm when your company faces problems. Graduates often work in the financial sector.

Social Work

If you want to help improve other people’s lives, a master’s in social work may be the right educational path for you. Social work programs involve classes about human behavior, therapy, racism, grief and addiction. These classes often prepare students for social work licensure examinations.

Supply Chain Management

A master’s in supply chain management can provide the necessary credentials for a career in imports, exports, transportation or warehousing. You may study the logistics of working within domestic and international markets and receive training related to manufacturing processes, data evaluation and consumer satisfaction.


With a master’s in taxation, you’ll be equipped to service the tax needs of businesses and individual taxpayers. Classes will cover tax laws and issues, and you’ll learn about advanced finance and accounting topics. After graduation, you may choose to work in the corporate sector.


If classroom teaching is your passion, then a master’s in teaching may be the right fit. This degree can help current K-12 teachers sharpen their skills, and it can also help new teachers enter the field for the first time. Some programs focus on special education.

Technology Management

This master’s program can help you learn to effectively use and organize technology in a business or organizational setting. You’ll discuss ethical issues related to technology, consider matters of cybersecurity, learn how to gather and analyze data, and explore the financial implications of technology.

Standardized Test Requirements Vary Widely by School

Don’t assume that you have to take the GRE if you want to get into grad school.

These days, while some schools do ask applicants to submit GRE scores, others have no such requirement. Studies show that this exam is ineffective at predicting students’ eventual educational outcomes, so many schools are dropping it from their admissions requirements. At many of those that do still require test scores, you may be able to get a waiver based on your past GPA, professional experience, military service or other credentials.

Can You Get an Online Master’s Degree with No GRE?

Yes, many accredited universities offer online master’s programs. These days, you can even get your PhD online without a GRE.

Often, no GRE scores are required for admission to these programs. If you’re interested in obtaining a master’s degree without needing to take the GRE, online universities are a great place to start your search for the right school.

Is It Possible to Get a GRE Waiver?

Some colleges that require GRE scores allow exceptions if you meet certain criteria.

GRE waivers may be granted for:

  • High GPA in previous university programs.
  • Professional experience.
  • Military service and training.
  • Submission of alternate exam scores.
  • Certifications or licensure.

GRE waivers are approved on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll need to speak to the admissions department of your chosen school to learn more about whether you’ll qualify.

Are There Any Occupational Therapy Masters Programs No GRE?

Yes, it is possible to enter an occupational therapy master’s program without first taking the GRE. However, because of the hands-on nature of this field, no schools offer a fully online master’s program in occupational therapy.

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List of Online Masters Programs That Don’t Require GRE

If you’re ready to get started with your graduate school education without having to sit for the GRE, then it’s time to explore the programs at the following colleges.


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