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It’s no secret that there’s a ton of junk and noise on the web. The goal of the Fascination Awards is to make it easier to find truly great content by compiling the utmost intriguing content into a single place.


We seek out blogs that are truly fascinating; blogs that excite, motivate, and inspire their audience.

Editorial Listing ShortCode:

The Fascination Awards serves to recognize these blogs, reward them, and honor them on the Accelerated Degree website.

How Can I be Nominated for a Fascination Award?

In order to be fascinating, content can’t just be useful, valuable, entertaining, educational, or interesting. These are all great traits to have but fascinating content is a mixture of these things and much more.

Fascinating content is best quantified by the physical and emotional reaction that it instills in its audience rather than particular traits of the content. Put simply, fascinating content:

  • Inspires its audience.
  • Creates conversation around the topic.
  • Creates a strong emotional reaction (positive or negative)
  • Gets shared both online and off.

In order to be considered for a nomination, your blog must meet the above criteria. If you believe your blog meets the above criteria and you have not been nominated for a Fascination award, please contact us and include the URL of your blog in the email.

Ready to start your journey?
Joy is pursuing her Ph.D. in Public Policy & Foreign Policy at Liberty University and holds a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management from Amberton University, as well as a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Columbia College. With over 20 years of experience navigating online degrees and courses, Joy's focus is helping non-traditional students find accelerated degree options and credit for prior learning opportunities.