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Our team researches and provides information based on a wide variety of college topics, including degree options, licenses and certifications, accreditation, career outlook, and university programs. We also share information about scholarships and financial aid to help you find ways to lower the overall cost of your college education.

 Why We Do It

Our team values education.

Whether you’re seeking an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree, you can now earn an accredited college degree online.

With so many universities offering college degrees, we help jumpstart your research by providing in-depth degree guides to help you identify schools and programs that best match your goals and interests.

 Our Focus is Online Education

Online learning is the way of the future.

Whether you’re juggling a full-time job or simply prefer the flexibility of online classes, pursuing your degree online offers a number of benefits.

  • You can attend any online degree program from anywhere.
  • You are no longer limited to the degrees your local university offers.
  • You can study on your time, not the school’s class schedule.
  • You can often take accelerated classes to complete your degree faster.
  • No commute to and from school!

All that, and the education that you get from an online program is just as good as going the traditional route. If online learning interests you, spend some time browsing MyDegreeGuide and see what higher education opportunities are available to you.

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