Editorial Process & Standards

At “My Degree Guide,” we are dedicated to delivering precise, current, and comprehensive insights to assist students in navigating their educational and career paths. Our editorial approach is focused on providing content that is practical and relevant to the needs of today’s students.

Core Values

  1. Editorial Excellence: Our editorial processes are guided by a commitment to excellence. Our content passes through multiple stages of review, ensuring it adheres to our high standards for quality, style, and clarity.
  2. Comprehensive Fact-Checking and Accuracy: We engage in thorough fact-checking, using reliable sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics, as well as numerous other reputable sources. We prioritize primary sources and provide direct links for in-depth student exploration. In instances where information does not meet our standards, we promptly make corrections.
  3. Diversity of Perspectives: Recognizing the diverse needs of our audience, we strive to include a variety of viewpoints in our content. This includes insights from students, educators, and industry professionals, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive approach to the information we provide.
  4. Knowledge and Expertise: Our team boasts a diverse array of professionals, such as college professors, K-12 educators, and both current and former online students who provide invaluable first-hand insights. Additionally, our team is enriched by contributors from various other relevant fields. To discover more about the unique experiences and expertise of our contributors, we invite you to explore their profiles here.

Our Editorial Process

  1. Robust Research and Writing: Our writers and contributors begin with in-depth research using our trusted sources. They craft content that is informative, engaging, and reflective of the current educational landscape.
  2. Multi-Tiered Review System: Following content creation, our multi-tiered review system involves numerous editorial staff who scrutinize the content for accuracy, relevance, and clarity. In instances where information does not meet our standards, we promptly make corrections.
  3. Continuous Updates and Revisions: The educational and career fields are constantly evolving. We regularly review and update our content to ensure it remains current and practical.
  4. Feedback and Community Engagement: We welcome and encourage feedback from our readers. This feedback is integral to our continuous improvement process, helping us to refine and enhance our content and editorial process. You can contact us here.


At “My Degree Guide,” our editorial process is the cornerstone of our commitment to providing our audience with trustworthy, insightful, and valuable information. We are dedicated to maintaining and continually improving these high standards to serve the needs of students and educators alike.