Best 4 Week Online College Credit Courses [2024 Guide]

By Kama Offenberger
Edited by Tania Staley
Updated on March 15, 2024
Edited by Tania Staley
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Completing a degree takes substantial time and effort, but 4 week online college credit courses make it possible for you to graduate and begin your professional path much more quickly than traditional classes.

Best 4 Week Online College Credit Courses

Accelerated online courses offer the same opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills as longer classes, but they operate at a much faster pace.

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If you are ready to finish your degree and begin your career, taking one or more 4 week courses may be the answer.

Universities Offering 4 Week Online College Courses Programs

Methodology: The following school list is in alphabetical order. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer 4 week college courses programs.

Anne Arundel Community College

Anne Arundel Community College offers 4 week online courses in three different formats: online, online sync, and online blended.

Online courses have deadlines but no set meeting times, while online sync courses do have set meeting times. Online blended courses may require proctored exams or other in-person activities. Available subjects include communication, business, and management.

AACC is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

California State University – San Marcos

California State University – San Marcos offers 4 week, for-credit courses both online and in a hybrid format in subjects such as communication, biology, and economics. These courses are designed to be fully transferable to other colleges and universities. Up to 24 credits completed as a non-matriculated student may be counted toward a degree from CSUSM.

CSUSM is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

College of Southern Nevada

Short-term, 4 week classes can be enrolled in year-round at the College of Southern Nevada. Online courses available in this format include General Psychology, Principles of Sociology, Introduction to Research Methods, and Issues in Substance Abuse. Courses are also available in face-to-face and hybrid formats.

The College of Southern Nevada is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Cornell University

Up to 15 credits may be earned from taking online courses at Cornell University, studying under Cornell faculty. Online courses at Cornell are available in a range of subjects, such as business, public policy, and engineering, and may be 3 weeks to a full semester long. Enrollment is open year-round.

Cornell is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Fairfield University

Fairfield University offers 2 week and 4 week undergraduate courses online during the winter. Courses are worth 3 credits each and are available in a variety of subjects, including marketing, international business, communication, English, history, mathematics, philosophy, and physics. These accelerated courses are designed to help students earn their degrees faster.

Fairfield University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

Harvard University

Harvard University offers a variety of 4 week online courses. Options include High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Religious Literacy: Traditions and Scriptures, Big Data Solutions for Social and Economic Disparities, and Entrepreneurship Essentials. Some online courses have live meetings, and others do not. Enrollment options are available year-round.

Harvard University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.

Johnson County Community College

Johnson County Community College offers courses during the winter session that are just 4 weeks long and designed to help students use their winter break to get ahead on their degrees. Up to 4 credit hours may be enrolled in at a time during this session, and grades appear on students’ transcripts for the fall semester.

Johnson County Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University offers open-enrollment, for-credit online courses that are self-paced but may be completed in just 4 weeks. Courses available in this format include Economic Principles, Introduction to Political Theory, Introduction to Psychology, and Interpersonal Communication.

Louisiana State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University offers winter session courses that provide students the opportunity to earn up to 4 credits in just 4 weeks to help accelerate their degree program.

Some winter session courses allow students to explore topics in fields such as art history, biology, and political science not covered in regular semester courses. Courses are open to both Montclair students and visiting students.

Montclair State University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

National University

At National University, a full degree may be earned through courses that are just 4 weeks long. Online degrees are available in subjects such as teaching and education, healthcare and nursing, engineering, and technology. NU’s degree programs are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of adult learners.

National University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Northwestern University

During the summer term, Northwestern University offers online, for-credit courses that may be anywhere from 1 to 10 weeks long. Possible courses that are 4 weeks long or less include Introduction to Political Theory, Conversation and Culture in the Arab World, Modern Cosmology, and Elementary French.

Northwestern University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College offers accelerated courses designed to help students get ahead with earning their degrees. Courses may be as short as 4 weeks and are available online, in hybrid formats, and at multiple campus locations. Meetings may be held during the daytime or evening. Course possibilities include Introduction to Computer Graphics, History and Appreciation of the Cinema, and General Geology.

OCC is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Purchase College

Purchase College offers summer session courses that are just 4 weeks long. Some courses have synchronous meetings, while others do not. Potential course options include Short Fiction, Fundamentals of Arts Management, Social Media and the Arts, Mathematics for Contemporary Life, and Precalculus.

Purchase College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University’s online courses are designed to be flexible and convenient. They vary in length, but many are available in an accelerated format. Potential course options include Introduction to Taxation, Financial Reporting I and II, Medical Terminology, Brand Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

SIU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of California – Los Angeles

The University of California – Los Angeles offers hundreds of courses through its online extension school. Courses may be found in business and management, engineering, environmental studies, public policy, social sciences, accounting and taxation, and education. Some courses hold real-time meetings via Zoom, while others are self-paced.

UCLA is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

University of Kansas

Online courses at the University of Kansas may be 4, 8, or 16 weeks long and are taught by the same instructors who teach on campus. Courses may be synchronous or asynchronous and are available in subjects such as accounting, design, anthropology, civil engineering, and African American studies.

The University of Kansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of Missouri – St. Louis

The University of Missouri – St. Louis offers online summer courses that begin in May and are 4, 8, or 12 weeks long. Potential courses available in the 4 week format include Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Interpersonal Communication I, and Principles of Microeconomics.

UMSL is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico offers accelerated online courses in a wide range of subjects, including history, communication, political science, computer science, and psychology. Some online courses may require web conference meetings or on-campus proctored exams.

The University of New Mexico is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers online continuing education courses for schoolteachers and administrators that are just 4 weeks long. Potential course offerings include Personnel Administration for Educators, School Law for Educators, and Ethical and Legal Issues for Administrators. The courses are designed to fit into busy schedules.

The University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina’s online distributed learning courses are available in a variety of formats, including self-paced, synchronous, and mixed. Potential course offerings include Freedom Papers: Narratives of Race and Nation, General Biology, General Chemistry II, and Juvenile Delinquency. Some courses may require proctored exams.

The University of South Carolina is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

4 Week Online College Credit Courses

Accelerated online courses allow you to rapidly earn your degree while also earning valuable knowledge and skills. Schools offer 4 week online courses for a wide range of majors, and the following are some of the most popular options available.

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Online Accounting Courses

Accountants reviewing company's finances

During an accelerated accounting course, you’ll learn how to create, review, and analyze financial documents, and you can gain a deeper understanding of tax systems.

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Some schools offer specialized programs with a focus on auditing, forensic accounting, or management accounting. Colleges often provide a series of accounting courses that allow students to work toward or complete their accounting degrees. Accounting majors often go on to become accountants, financial analysts, and economists.

Online Art & Design Courses

illustrator & game designers working on together

Online art and design courses include a combination of historical and theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You may study art history, artistic styles, and design techniques.

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There are many options available for students interested in art and design, including web design, graphic design, interior design, animation, and art education. After completing your courses, you may qualify for a position as an illustrator, teacher, or game designer.

Online Business Administration Courses

Business consultant discussing with executives

Business administration courses are a beneficial option if you hope to take on a management or administrative role in the future. Taking accelerated classes may also help you earn a business administration degree in a shorter timeframe.

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Core subject areas in business administration classes include finance, marketing, information technology, and human resources. Once your studies are complete, you might move on to become a human resources specialist, manager, or business consultant.

Online Business Management Courses

Office manager organizing a company conference

Students enrolled in business management courses can develop leadership skills and strategies that allow them to effectively manage a team. This requires knowledge of strategic planning, organizational behavior, and operations management.

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Business management degrees are a logical option for students hoping to become project managers, community managers, or office managers. You may also have the opportunity to take specialized courses focused on areas such as business analytics or international business.

Online Computer Science Courses

information security analyst investigating security breaches

Accelerated computer science courses teach students about topics such as programming, data structures, and network management. They learn about current technology as well as upcoming trends in the field.

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Taking computer science online courses for college credit allows you to advance more rapidly toward earning a bachelor’s degree or upgrading your existing skills. Computer science majors often work as information security analysts, software developers, and network architects.

Online Counseling Courses

Mental health counselor in a session with a patient

Online courses in counseling teach you how to communicate clearly, evaluate patient progress, and use different therapeutic techniques. Students study topics such as psychology, human growth and development, and biology.

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Counselors work with patients in developing coping strategies and overcoming challenges related to mental health, families and relationships, and substance abuse. They are often employed by hospitals, outpatient facilities, or private practices.

Online Criminal Justice Courses

Law enforcement officer patrolling the city

Taking accelerated criminal justice classes is a good way to prepare for a bachelor’s degree program or to become better qualified for a career as a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, or paralegal.

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Classes in this field focus on subjects such as criminology, forensics, cybercrime, and law. Students learn about the history of the legal system, the motivating factors behind criminal behavior, and how the court system operates.

Online Cyber Security Courses

Cyber security manager testing data processing systems with staff

Cyber security professionals are responsible for protecting computers and networks from threats such as viruses, hacking, and ransomware. Courses in cyber security focus on essential knowledge in programming, networking, data collection, and coding.

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After completing coursework in cyber security, you may be well positioned to pursue a position as a security engineer, cyber security manager, network administrator, or forensic computer analyst.

Online Education Courses

Elementary school teacher distributing test papers in class

Prospective teachers must hold a degree in order to become licensed and certified. Accelerated online courses in education allow students to complete their licensure requirements more quickly.

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Education courses cover topics such as classroom management, assessment, diversity, instructional strategies, and curriculum development. Completing a series of courses may help you earn your bachelor’s and begin working as an elementary or secondary school teacher.

Online Emergency Management Courses

Emergency director coordinating with public safety officials

Students enrolled in emergency management classes explore different types of crisis situations and how to appropriately protect human lives and property. They learn how to coordinate responses to emergencies, such as natural disasters, violence, or chemical spills.

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Graduates of emergency management programs often work as emergency directors, police supervisors, safety specialists, and fundraisers. They are employed by hospitals, government agencies, and private businesses.

Online English Courses

Public relations specialist & writer working on a press article

Communication skills are vital for students in every major, so taking online English courses may help you advance through an English bachelor’s program or complete core requirements for another field.

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Accelerated English classes expose students to different writing styles, rhetorical techniques, and writing structures. English majors often become teachers, writers, and public relations specialists. Many complete advanced degrees in areas such as literature or law.

Online Environmental Management Courses

Environmental consulting professionals discussing with engineer

Environmental management courses are designed to teach students about subjects like water distribution, soil erosion, and waste management. Students learn not only about the scientific aspects of environmental studies but also about government policies and regulations.

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Potential career paths for environmental management majors include nature conservation, environmental consulting, sustainability consulting, and environmental planning. Professionals in this area also help develop and implement public policies related to the environment.

Online Finance Courses

Financial analyst analyzing industry trends

Finance professionals understand how financial systems and strategies work, allowing them to offer insights as financial analysts, consultants, and advisors. Finance majors may also become economists, accountants, and loan officers.

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Colleges help prepare students for a career in finance with accelerated online courses in financial analysis and reporting, risk management, and investment strategies.

Online Fire Science Courses

Firefighters getting ready to respond to an emergency

Fire science is the study of how fires begin and how they can be suppressed. Accelerated fire science courses that you may be able to take online include ones on fire prevention, fire behavior, and emergency response strategies.

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These types of courses lend themselves to a career as a firefighter in different environments, including cities and wildland areas. They are also beneficial for fire engineers, emergency managers, and fire inspectors.

Online Forensic Science Courses

Crime scene technicians collecting evidence

Completing accelerated forensic science courses is a strategic way to jumpstart a career as a criminal investigator, crime scene technician, or forensic scientist. These professionals collect and analyze evidence present at the scene of a crime.

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To begin a criminal science career, you’ll likely be required to take courses in subjects such as DNA analysis, immunology, serology, trace evidence, and physical evidence.

Online Health Sciences Courses

Physical therapy assistant guiding a patient with basic exercises

Health sciences courses include sociology, psychology, exercise science, and public health. These classes are designed to teach students about mental, physical, and emotional wellness and how to support clients and patients who are facing different kinds of health challenges.

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Earning a degree in health sciences may help you qualify for a position as a dietitian, respiratory therapist, surgical technician, or occupational or physical therapy assistant.

Online Healthcare Administration Courses

Medical director greeting a doctor and nurse

Healthcare administrators are responsible for overseeing healthcare facilities or departments. They may find employment as medical directors, human resources managers, healthcare consultants, and nursing home managers.

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To ensure these professionals have the necessary skills, healthcare administration courses provide training in quality management, statistics, psychology, and human resources. Taking accelerated courses may help you earn your degree and begin working in the field more quickly.

Online Human Services Courses

Adoption specialist discussing with clients

Enrolling in accelerated human services courses allows you to develop knowledge and skills related to helping the public overcome challenging situations. Human services graduates often work as adoption specialists, probation officers, and case managers.

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To ensure that these professionals understand human behavior and know how to intervene during crisis situations, students in human services take courses in ethics, case management, psychology, and communication.

Online Humanities Courses

Career coach reviewing client's resume

Humanities courses are an asset to future professionals in a variety of careers and industries, including editors, event planners, career coaches, and teachers. Students in humanities classes explore how the world works and often have advanced creative skills.

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As a humanities major, you might take courses in history, art, music, theater, or religious studies. These classes are also often basic requirements for majors in other fields.

Online Information Technology Courses

Computer systems analyst checking on computers' efficiency

Accelerated information technology courses serve as excellent preparation for a career as a software developer, computer systems analyst, web developer, or IT support specialist. All these professionals need advanced knowledge and skills in computer technology.

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The types of courses you might take to start a career in information technology include web design and development, programming and logic, data communication, and operating systems.

Paralegal discussing paperwork with lawyer

Colleges and universities offer accelerated online legal studies courses in areas such as civil procedure, constitutional law, legal writing and research, and contracts. These classes give students a greater understanding of legal systems and how they operate.

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Graduates of legal studies programs often go on to work as police officers, paralegals, and compliance officers. Others use their knowledge of the law to work in business or real estate.

Online Liberal Arts Courses

Journalist contacting a news publisher outlet

Liberal arts courses encompass a wide range of subjects, including history, literature, writing, philosophy, and creative arts.

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Accelerated liberal arts courses often satisfy core academic requirements for other majors, and they provide students with a well-rounded education. If you complete a degree in liberal arts, you may be well prepared to start a career as a journalist, technical writer, human resources specialist, or artist.

Online Marketing Courses

Market research analysts discussing trends

Marketing students learn how to understand consumer behavior and promote products and services in a way that will increase sales and customer engagement. To learn more about marketing, you may take accelerated courses in marketing principles, finance, and economics.

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In addition to working as marketing associates and assistants, graduates of marketing programs also start careers as market research analysts, sales managers, public relations specialists, and social media managers.

Online Medical Coding Courses

Medical coder and biller working on an invoice

Online courses in medical coding revolve around subjects such as medical terminology, diagnostic and procedural coding, records management, and healthcare communication. They teach students how to handle sensitive information carefully and securely.

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Education in medical coding is essential if you hope to work as a medical biller, coding specialist, medical records technician, or billing analyst. These professionals are key to the successful operation of medical facilities.

Online Nursing Courses

Licensed practical nurse taking patient's blood pressure

Nurses are vital healthcare professionals who work in hospitals, community health clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and long-term care facilities. Taking 4 week courses online may help you begin a career as a nurse or advance from a licensed practical nurse to a registered nurse.

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Accelerated courses in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pharmacology, and other nursing fundamentals are valuable for students hoping to expand their professional knowledge or pursue a nursing degree.

Online Nutrition Courses

Nutritionist discussing meal plan with client

Taking accelerated classes related to nutrition is a logical option if you want to begin a career as a dietitian, nutritionist, food product developer, or nutritional therapist. These professionals have a deep understanding of the relationship between food and human health.

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To complete a nutrition degree, you will most likely take courses in areas such as food science, nutrition and disease, counseling strategies, and nutrition assessment.

Online Psychology Courses

Psychologist listening to a patient and taking notes

Colleges and universities offer many different accelerated psychology courses. They include social, clinical, developmental, and forensic psychology, all of which take different approaches to examining human behavior and issues related to mental health.

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Completing coursework in psychology could lead to a career as a psychologist, behavior specialist, counselor, or therapist. Some of these careers require masters degrees, while others are accessible with a bachelors degree.

Online Public Administration Courses

Case manager discussing updates with her elderly clients

Public administration professionals oversee operations at nonprofit organizations and government agencies. To do so, they need skills in project management, resource development, and quantitative methods.

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Completing online courses in public administration is a strategic way to quickly earn a public administration degree. Graduates of these types of programs often work as case managers, housing directors, city managers, and budget analysts.

Online Social Work Courses

Social worker in a follow up house visit with client

If you have a passion for helping people, taking accelerated social work courses may provide you the training you need to begin a career as a social worker, health educator, or outreach worker.

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Online social work courses focus on skills that professionals need to engage with and support the public. Common classes include principles of social work, case management, child development, and political science.

Online Software Development Courses

Software developers testing their new app

Many of society’s everyday activities rely on technology, and software developers create unique applications for personal and professional use. Software development courses teach students the steps required to design and build new software programs.

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To gain expertise in software development, you might take courses in programming, program design, and algorithms. These classes can help prepare you to work as a software engineer, game developer, or applications developer.

Benefits of 4 Week Online College Classes

students attending a 4 Week College Class

Although the idea of completing a college class in 4 weeks may sound intimidating, there are many advantages to moving through your courses so quickly. Just like 5 week online college courses, these are some of the most significant benefits:

  • Early degree completion. Students who take accelerated college programs can finish their degrees much faster because many of their classes are completed in 1 month rather than 3 or 4 months.
  • Cost savings. Taking shorter college programs often allows students to spend less on tuition, fees, and other expenses.
  • Focus on core classes. Because accelerated degree programs move so rapidly, students often avoid taking unnecessary classes to fill up their schedules.
  • Faster professional path. Enrolling in 4 week classes is beneficial if you already have a preferred profession in mind and want to begin your career as soon as possible.
  • Advanced coursework. Many students in accelerated programs finish their general education requirements early on and have the opportunity to take graduate-level courses before finishing their bachelor’s degrees.

Students who enroll in accelerated online college courses can advance through their degrees and gain new skills faster than students in traditional classes, giving them a head start on their professional path.

4 Week College Courses Admissions Requirements

Woman preparing requirements for a 4 Week College Course

The admissions requirements for accelerated college degree programs are often very similar to those for traditional programs. Common criteria include:

  • Transcripts. You’ll provide official copies of your transcripts from high school and any colleges you attended in the past.
  • Test scores. If required, you’ll submit scores from standardized tests, such as the SAT or ACT.
  • Recommendations. You can ask your past instructors to identify your strengths and why you’re a good fit for accelerated classes.
  • Personal statement. You may be asked to write an essay explaining why you’re interested in the program.

Admissions offices may also ask you to participate in an interview or information session.

Accelerated Programs Accreditation

University offering Accelerated Programs

To get the most value from an accelerated college program, it’s essential that it’s accredited. Regional accreditation is preferable because the standards that schools must meet are so high.

To gain regional accreditation, an academic institution must undergo a rigorous assessment process and prove that its curriculum and faculty are up to par. As a result, employers often give preference to job candidates with accredited degrees.

Attending a regionally accredited school is also beneficial if you decide to change schools before graduating. Courses that you take at a school with regional accreditation are more likely to transfer to other colleges.

What Is a 4 Week College Class Program?

Man taking a 4 Week College Course

A 4-week college class program is an accelerated academic program that condenses the material for a course into a single month rather than spreading it across three or four months.

During an accelerated college program, students usually take only one or two courses at a time. This allows them to dedicate many hours a week to lectures, labs, homework, and exams for a single course. These 4 week or 8 week college courses online are popular with students who want to finish their degrees in the shortest possible timeframe.

Is a 4 Week College Course Hard?

Woman attending a 4 Week College Course

The material covered during a 4 week college course, much like 6 week college courses online, usually has the same level of difficulty as that of a longer class. The difference lies in the speed at which the material is covered.

With 4 weeks online courses, some students may have difficulty grasping more complex subjects. They have less time to review the course content, seek help from a tutor, and prepare for exams. Accelerated courses also require students to invest more time and energy into their classes. This could be challenging for students who also work or participate in extracurricular activities.

Do You Need to Take Summer Classes to Finish Your Accelerated Degree Fast?

Friends taking Accelerated Degree together

In a 4 week summer session, community college students are able to earn college credits in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Many condensed college programs encourage students to take courses year-round rather than only during the fall and spring semesters. Although you may not be required to take classes over the summer, it’s a good strategy for students who are anxious to graduate and want to save money on tuition.

Many colleges and universities offer general education courses in subjects such as history, English, and math during the summer, freeing students to take major-specific courses during longer semesters.

What Is the Quickest Degree You Can Get Online?

student getting a quick Degree Online

If you have transfer credits or enroll in an accelerated program, you may be able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 1 to 2 years. This means that practically any major, from business to healthcare, can be the fastest online degree.

Students who have never taken college courses may still be able to significantly shorten their degree completion time by taking 4 week online courses. It’s helpful to keep in mind that some advanced courses with laboratory requirements may be challenging in an accelerated format. In addition, degrees with practicum requirements, such as education, may take slightly longer to complete.

Are 4 Week Online College Courses Worth It?

People taking 4 week online college courses

Yes, 4 week online college courses are worth it for many students. Most bachelor’s degrees require around 4 years of full-time study, which substantially delays the time when you can begin working and establishing yourself as a professional.

Accelerated college courses allow you to start your career much sooner, offering an advantage over your peers who are in the same field. Students can also save money on college expenses and begin earning professional salaries more quickly when they take online college courses for credit.

In addition, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate tends to be lower for professionals with a college education.

Getting Your 4 Week College Courses Online

student getting a 4 Week College Course online

If you already know what kind of work you want to do in the future, you can get started as soon as possible by taking 4 week college courses online. Rather than completing additional electives or trying out a variety of fields, you can dive straight into your preferred academic path.

Students enrolled in accelerated college programs gain the same knowledge and skills as those taking 16 week courses, but they do so in a much shorter timeframe. As a result, they can become well-equipped for the professional world more quickly.

If you’re ready to kickstart your career, you can start researching online accelerated degree programs from accredited schools today.

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