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Accelerated Human Services Degree Online

Accelerated Human Services Degree Online

What do you think a human services online degree would focus on? If you guessed providing services to other humans, you are right!

A human services degree would focus on building a career that could allow you to make a difference in the lives of other people by working with an organization that is helping people to change and improve their lives.

If that makes you excited, a human service degree could be for you. A human service degree could start you on the path to a career in social work, child care, gerontology, rehabilitation and counseling. You would be prepared to deal with complex ethical, cultural and economic situations all with the goal of helping people to make their lives better.

Have you always been a helper? You see somebody in trouble and your instinct is to offer help? Human services could be an ideal career for you.

The flip side is that a bachelor’s degree in human services is typically only the starting point of your education. You want to help people, you want to make a difference AND you want to be able to afford to pay your rent.

All important considerations. Careers in human services are not meant for those who want to get rich quick…or ever. Although a career in human services could pay more than the average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics you are looking at a yearly paycheck of $42,990.

Accelerated human services degree online

You compare that with the 4 years of university tuition you will need to pay, and it can seem like a dead-end degree. If you pay over $120,000 for your degree and it takes you 4 years, you are going to end up in a lot of debt. Trying to pay that off with a salary of $42,000 may seem impossible.

But don’t give up on the degree! Or on helping people. The world needs helpers right now. Desperately. You can get a bachelor’s degree in human services in 18 months. Half the time.

You could also save yourself $10,000s and only pay $35,000 for a fully accredited bachelor’s degree. No scam. Just hard work and knowing the insider secrets.

Accelerated Human Services Degree Programs Overview

A human services online degree can prepare you for helping by teaching you how to:

  • Evaluate social, political and historical events that are affecting the people and communities you work with.
  • Be culturally sensitive and work with diverse populations
  • Set up a legal and ethical plan of care
  • Use your professional skills to build formal and informal networks
  • Interpret, plan and evaluate policies and communication strategies
  • Think critically and creatively and make plans for action

Although these goals sound very abstract you can be prepared with a foundation to build on. Then you choose a concentration that will give you the skills to work with a specific group such as children and families, seniors or those with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Some of the classes you might take would be:

  • Communication Skills for Human Service Professional
  • Human Services Organizational Systems
  • Law and Ethics in Human Services
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Child Growth and Cognitive Development
  • Family and Community Systems
  • Role and Impact of Trauma on Children and Families
  • Aging and Wellness
  • The Epidemiology of Aging
  • Substance Use: From Prevention to Treatment

Human service classes can touch on a variety of subjects and give you an idea of what areas you want to focus on.

Instead of just shaking your head in sadness at the problems you see in the world you can be prepared to start making a difference.

Careers with an Accelerated Human Services Degree

A bachelor’s degree in human services can help you start in many entry level jobs. You might be interested in a career as a:

  • Behavioral Management Aide
  • Case Worker
  • Child Advocate
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Community Outreach worker
  • Disaster Relief Worker
  • Domestic Violence Counselor
  • Corrections officer
  • Family Support Worker
  • Health Educator
  • Human Services Worker
  • Mental Health Therapist
  • Social and Community Services Worker

You can start a career in many of these fields, BUT most will require you to also have a master’s degree or further licensing and certification.

Entry level and bachelor level careers will bring you a smaller salary. Once you have a master’s degree, you can move into management or further specialization and earn the bigger bucks.

Career Annual Salary
Community Health Worker $44,390
Marriage and Family Therapist* $49,170
Probation Officer $50,160
Rehabilitation Counselor* $34,670
School Counselor* $54,560
Social and Human Service Assistant $31,810
Career Counselor* $54,560
Social Worker* $46,890
Mental Health Counselor* $42,150
Social and Community Service Managers $64,680

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

*Requires a master’s degree or further licensing

Your degree in human services can set you up to be ready for whatever path you choose.

Accelerated Human Services Degree Programs Offer Year-Round Admissions

You know that you are most likely going to do more schooling after your human services degree. So why wait to start? The quicker you start the quicker you will be done! That is not just something your mom would tell you, that is the truth

Most universities will allow you to start classes at various times throughout the year. Your first class could be this next month. Waiting for September is a thing of the past.

You get to choose when is the best time for you to start.

Accelerated Human Services Degree Programs Online – Accelerated Classes vs. Self-Paced Classes

The old way of completing classes that involved sitting in a classroom for 16 weeks to earn a measly 3 credits is outdated. Now you have other options for your classes.

2 of the best and the fastest methods to consider are:

  • Online accelerated classes
  • Self paced classes

Both are much faster than traditional classes but operate on a different system. An online accelerated class will be more like a traditional class. There is a class start date, due dates for assignment, regular check-ins with your professor and a final project or exam.

Self-paced classes will operate at your speed. That means that you don’t have to draw out the class to keep within the school’s timeframe. You can complete your class work and earn credit as fast as you want.

Option 1: Accelerated Online Human Services Classes

If you were to sign up for a traditional class on Intro to Human Services, you would plan to spend 16 weeks sitting in class as well as completing assignments and studying. Accelerated online classes would give you the same materials, assignments and credit.

The biggest difference is that you are working online, wherever works best for you! Coffee shop, library, on your couch or on your lunch break. You decide. Also, you can be done the class in 6-8 weeks.

If you want to play smart, you would plan to complete ANOTHER class as soon as you are done the first. In 16 weeks you would have 2 classes done instead of 1.

Option 2: Self-Paced Online Human Services Classes

Do accelerated online classes still sound too restrictive? You know that you have a 12-week span of time coming up where you could focus hard on completing classes and you want to get as many done as possible?

Self-paced online classes will be your best option.

School’s like Capella University offer you the ability to pay a one-time fee of $2300 for the full 12-week term. But you are not limited to what or how many classes you take. You can take 2 courses at a time, once you complete the course objectives you can sign up for the next class.

12 weeks could earn you credit for however many courses you complete. How many do you think you could do? 6? 8?

Types of Accelerated Human Services Degree Programs

A degree in human services can have different names and concentrations. All the degrees will have a focus on preparing you to help people and make a difference.

Some of the most common degrees are:

Reading through this list, is there a degree that stands out to you? That might be the area you want to pursue. Or a degree that looks like a good starting point for your master’s degree.

3 Ways to Accelerate Your Human Services Degree Even More

You know what classes, career and degree you want to focus on. Now you need to know how to make this happen super fast.

These 3 insider tips are not tricks or scams. But surprisingly most students are not aware that they are an option. Don’t be like most students.

You can use these tips to cut YEARS off your degree.

1. Test out of college classes (up to 1 year)

Instead of spending all your time and money completing your classes, you can just take the exam. But you will have to prove that you know the course material to earn the credit.

The fastest way to do this is through a program like College Level Examination Program. You can register online to take 33 different exams for 3 credit each. You pay a fee of $87 per exam, pick up the study guide if you need it, cram like crazy and then take the exam.

Each exam is only 90 multiple choice questions and you have 90 minutes to complete the exam. If you can pass with at least 50% of the question right than you get full credit for that class.

It doesn’t get any faster or simpler than that! You can earn up to 30 credits through credit by exam. If you signed up to do 2 exams every day for 5 days, you could have 30 credits in a week. Seriously. That is one full year of university done for $870 dollars and 15 hours.

2. Get college credit for your life and work experience

When you have life and work experience prior to starting your degree, you can use that to earn credit. Again, your school will want to see that you already know the material that would be covered in the class.

Prove you have completed the course objectives and get credit for it without taking the class.

You can earn credit through courses you have taken at work, on the job training or volunteer work. You can talk to your advisor about how to set up a portfolio that showcases your experiences, how they match the course objectives and include the proper documentation.

You submit that portfolio, submit the fee and can earn up to 15 credits, that is a full 5 classes worth of work. Credit granted for what you have already learned.

3. Stay continuously enrolled with max course load

The biggest secret to completing your degree is this: work really hard.

Make sure that you are maximizing the number of classes that you take each semester. A typical course load of 15 credits each fall, and winter can end up taking you a full 4 years to complete your degree. But you can bump your course load up to 18 credits for both the fall and winter semester. Don’t forget that summer is a semester too!

If your plan is to be done your degree as quick as possible, save your summer vacation for when you are done your degree. 18 credits in the fall, winter and summer will put you up to 54 credits in 12 months. That is almost twice as many as a typical student earns. And the best way to finish faster.

Transferring Your Existing College Credits

College credit that you have earned from classes that you have taken in the past does not go out of date. You can still use that old college credit for your human services degree.

The 3 things you need to check are that:

  • Your college credit came from an accredited college
  • Your final mark was at least a C
  • The class fits into your human services degree

Even if the class doesn’t meet one of your degree requirements, there is always room in a bachelor’s degree for electives. Your pre-existing class can fit into that slot and save you from spending the time and money on an elective class. Let no credit go to waste!

Lower Tuition Costs

Tuition costs will eat up your savings faster than any other education expense. You have probably already looked at the cost of a bachelor’s degree in human services and seen tuition costs of up to $120,000 for the full 120 credits.

Yowza, right? How can an ordinary person with a desire to help people supposed to pay for that?

The secret is not to pay for each class you need. That doesn’t mean trying to avoid paying for the classes you DO take. This means use the tips to not TAKE the classes. Credit by Exam and Credit for Prior Learning will both save you $1000s off your tuition while at the same time earning you the credit you need.

Cost Of Human Services Degree

Ways To Earn Credit Number Of Credits Total Cost
Attend Northeastern University 120 $194,240
Attend Elon University 120 $198,568
Attend Liberty University 120 $46,800
College Level Examination Program


Credit for Prior Learning


Remaining classes at Liberty University








Total Credits








Total Tuition


 If you pay for each class you need you are looking at about $1600 for each 3-credit course. Compare that to $87 for Credit by Exam. It makes sense. Take exams not classes! Save big money.

Human Services Degree Accreditation

If you go after a degree that is not accredited, you are not saving yourself any time or money. The degree could end up being useless and you are still at the same place you started.

Accreditation is a process that your school must go through to prove that they are teaching you what you need to know for a human services degree. Accreditation makes your degree valid to both future employers and graduate schools.

The biggest name accreditor for human service degrees is the:

Regional accreditation will also give you a valid degree. Or your school may be generally accredited by:

Just make sure your school is accredited before you start.


The world is ready for you. Your community is waiting. You have the heart and the drive to help people. But the only thing holding you back is the education.

An online accelerated human services degree could be your answer. You don’t have to plug away for 4 long years to earn your degree. You don’t need to spend $120,000 to earn your degree. The tips that are laid out here are valid.

You could set aside 18 months and $40,000 and be holding your degree. Ready to make a difference. Ready for the next step on your career ladder.

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