50 Fastest Associate Degrees in 6 Months Online [2023]

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If you’re ready to jumpstart your career, getting an associate degree in 6 months online could be the way to do it.

Fastest Associate Degrees in 6 Months Online

In less than a year, you could be a college graduate with workforce-ready skills. Going to school online is often a strategic choice for anyone who wants to earn a degree as quickly as possible.

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Take a look at the options for the fastest associates degree online, and see which one is the right fit for you.

Associate Degree in 6 Months Online Programs

Perhaps you know you want to earn the fastest associate degree online, but you aren’t sure what to study. There are many options! Students interested in quick degrees can choose from a variety of fields.

Check out the following ideas and consider which one sounds right for you:

You can explore these programs to see which ones best match your interests and goals.

Online Associates in Accounting

fastest online associate's degree in Accounting

In an accounting program, you’ll learn to keep financial records and use accounting software. The curriculum will address various types of accounting, including managerial accounting. You can also study taxation and take some basic business classes.

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An accounting associate degree could help prepare you to be an accountant’s assistant. You could also be a bookkeeper or clerk in a department like accounts receivable or payroll.

Online Associates in Business Administration

fastest associate degree online in Business Administration

For a versatile degree, you might think about studying business administration. You’ll explore topics like marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, and office technology. The curriculum might also cover business law.

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Upon graduation, you may qualify for entry-level roles in a variety of business settings. Ideas include being a sales representative, a marketing assistant, or a customer service rep. With experience, you may someday qualify for a management role.

Online Associates in Business Management

Restaurant's sales manager discussing with the owners

Similar to a business administration program, a business management degree will cover the fundamentals of business. There will be a greater emphasis on being an effective manager and leader, though. You’ll study economics and communication as well.

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Suitable jobs for this degree include working as a sales manager or an office administrator. Some graduates go on to manage a retail store or a restaurant.

Online Associates in Communications

Social media manager working alongside the PR manager

When you’re looking for easy associate degrees, you might consider studying communication. You’ll research persuasion, public speaking, and social media. The curriculum can help you communicate effectively in both one-on-one and group settings.

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Perhaps you’ll use this degree to become a writer for a print or digital platform. Alternatively, you might pursue work in social media management or as a public relations assistant.

Online Associates in Computer Information Systems

Database administrator working on system performance monitoring

Studying computer information systems can help prepare you to help businesses use technology well. This degree program will cover topics like databases and web design. You can learn introductory programming skills and explore a particular programming language.

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With this degree, you could consider a job as a computer support specialist or a web developer. Some organizations may have network or database administration jobs available as well.

Online Associates in Computer Networking

Network administrator working in the server room

You can gain practical skills as you study computer networking. This degree program will cover topics like setting up a network, installing a firewall, and configuring software. You can learn about routers, switches, operating systems, wireless configurations, cloud computing, and more.

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The courses may help prepare you to earn industry certifications that can enhance your resume. Possible job opportunities include being a computer user support specialist, a network support specialist, or a network administrator.

Online Associates in Computer Programming

Computer Programmer working on a new app

If you’d like to learn multiple programming languages, then this could be the quick associate degree for you. Your studies might cover C++, JavaScript, and Python. Other common subjects for this degree include cyber security and website development.

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You might qualify for an entry-level job on a programming, systems analysis, or mobile development team. Web design and computer user support could be other lines of work to consider.

Online Associates in Computer Science

Software developers working on their new project

By getting your degree in computer science, you can learn how computer programs work. The classes will address topics like data structures and operating systems. You may learn to use one or more programming languages.

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One popular job for a new computer science graduate involves working as a computer help-desk technician. You may also qualify for entry-level roles in programming or software development.

Online Associates in Criminal Justice

Private investigator reviewing some documents

For those who want to work in law enforcement or legal systems, this degree will cover courts, corrections, and policing. You’ll discuss how to conduct investigations, keep people safe, prioritize fairness, and support your community.

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This degree might offer an advantage when applying for police department jobs. Other possibilities include being a correctional officer, a security guard, or a private investigator.

Online Associates in Cyber Security

Security analyst monitoring for breach in the system

Experts in cyber security work to keep computer systems and data safe. Their tools include evidence-based policies, security software, penetration testing, ethical hacking, and digital forensics.

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In a cyber security program, you’ll also study networks, operating systems, and software. You may qualify to work as a security specialist or a security analyst after getting this degree. Industry certifications may further enhance your resume.

Online Associates in Data Analytics

Data Analyst working on data visualization

In this associate degree program, you’ll learn about the role that data analytics plays in today’s business landscape. The courses will cover methods of data collection, storage, and organization. You can learn how to evaluate data as well.

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This degree could help you get an entry-level role on an analyst team. You might focus on business intelligence or operations analytics, for example.

Online Associates in Digital Marketing

Advertising sales representative discussing about their strategy

Digital marketers use non-print channels to connect with consumers. When you study digital marketing, you’ll have classes in social media, consumer behavior, advertising and promotions, and brand management. The curriculum will cover digital marketing strategies like pay-per-click and mobile advertising.

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Possible job titles for graduates include copywriter, social media manager, and advertising sales representative. You could also work as an entry-level marketing assistant.

Online Associates in Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education teacher reading stories to kids

As an aspiring early childhood professional, you will study child development, literacy, health and nutrition, and family dynamics. Your courses might also address special education, classroom management, and child psychology.

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An associate degree could be useful for a career in childcare, or you might be able to teach preschoolers. Other potential jobs include being a teacher’s assistant or a recreation worker.

Online Associates in Education

Preschool teacher guiding kids on their activity

An associate degree program in education will introduce you to the history of education and give you a look at today’s teaching and learning systems. You’ll prepare to work with kids as you study learning theories, classroom technology, and behavior management.

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This degree can be helpful for anyone who plans to become a childcare provider or a classroom aide. It might also qualify you to teach preschool.

Online Associates in Electronics

Electronics engineering technician doing circuit repair

In this technical program, you can learn about circuit boards, controllers, microprocessors, and machinery. The classes will equip you to design circuits, test systems, and perform repairs. Smart safety practices will be emphasized throughout this program.

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Graduates often find careers as electronics engineering technicians or manufacturing technicians. The training could also be useful for a career in electronics repair work.

Online Associates in Engineering

Electrical engineering technician assessing electrical power distribution

Getting an associate degree in engineering can help equip you with skills for working in today’s manufacturing sector. You’ll study automation, circuits, controls, electronic systems, and information technology. In addition, you’ll learn what’s involved in being part of an engineering team.

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Engineering technician jobs are common for people with this degree. For instance, you might work as a mechanical, electrical, or industrial engineering technician.

Online Associates in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur talking with a client on the phone

You can study the fundamentals of starting and running businesses in one of the fastest online associate’s degree programs for entrepreneurs.

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The topics covered in this program may include marketing, customer service, inventory management, and sales. You might also learn to do basic accounting and handle business taxes. This degree could provide you with the confidence to start your own business or purchase a franchise.

Online Associates in Fashion Merchandising

Purchasing agent discussing with fashion shop manager

If you’re interested in the latest styles, then you might want to study fashion merchandising in college. You’ll learn about the history of fashion and look at current trends. Other topics will include textiles, supply chains, and sales techniques.

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Fashion merchandising can lead to jobs in retail management. It could also help you find entry-level work as a buyer or a purchasing agent.

Online Associates in Finance

Payroll clerk working on invoices

Your finance program will cover topics related to accounting, economics, banking, and investing. During this program, you will learn how to analyze financial statements and evaluate risk versus reward in investment opportunities.

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This associate degree could help you secure work as an associate in a corporate finance department, or you might pursue a job as a billing, brokerage, or payroll clerk.

Online Associates in Fire Science

Fire inspectors checking building's fire prevention measures

This program will introduce you to the science of fires—why they burn and how to suppress them. Your studies will cover hydraulics and sprinkler systems, and the classes will teach you about the fire service and emergency management professions as well.

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This degree could provide an advantage when applying for firefighting jobs or promotions. Another line of work to consider is fire inspection.

Online Associates in General Studies

Customer service taking inquiry calls

If you aren’t sure what major is best for you, you could choose general studies. This associate degree will include a variety of classes from various disciplines, such as math, composition, history, science, and more. The curriculum may have space for multiple electives.

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After graduating from one of the fastest associates degree online programs, you might work in customer service, business management, office administration, or other fields.

Online Associates in Health Information Management

Medical Records Specialist updating patient's info

Also known as HIM, the field of health information management deals with revenue tracking, medical coding, and data management in healthcare settings.

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In this degree program, you will learn about diagnostic and procedural codes. Other topics include insurance and reimbursement, database organization, and health privacy. Possible healthcare jobs include medical coder, patient registrar, records specialist, information technologist, and claims processor.

Online Associates in Health Science

Healthcare assistant guiding patient in filling up hospital forms

An associate degree in health science could help prepare you to work in the allied health field. Your classes will cover medical terminology and human anatomy, and you can learn about nutrition, diseases, and human development. There will be microbiology classes too.

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You might work in medical billing, patient relations, or health education. You could also pursue certification as a healthcare technician or assistant.

Online Associates in Healthcare Administration

Healthcare facility supervisor discussing with doctors

To become a healthcare professional, you will study medical terminology, the US healthcare system, privacy laws, and reimbursement. You’ll also discuss the ins and outs of supervising a team—such as what’s involved in conflict resolution.

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This degree may prepare you for a supervisory role in a home healthcare agency, a physician’s front office, a skilled nursing facility, or a hospital’s billing department.

Online Associates in Healthcare Management

Receptionist in a medical office, confirming patient's appointment

If you want to study business principles for healthcare settings, then you might consider a healthcare management degree. Your courses will cover human resources, accounting, marketing, and finance. Additionally, you’ll study healthcare delivery, health information systems, and quality assurance.

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With an associate degree, you might work as a secretary or a receptionist in a medical office. Medical records and patient services are other career paths to consider.

Online Associates in Homeland Security

Baggage & transportation screening officer, checking on scanner preview

A program dedicated to homeland security will include material from the disciplines of criminal justice and political science. You’ll study topics such as terrorism, emergency management, and law enforcement. There might also be a course in cybercrime.

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If you’re interested in a job in law enforcement, transportation screening, corrections, or private security, this degree could be right for you.

Online Associates in Hospitality Management

Restaurant Manager, reviewing his checklist

You’ll learn how to care for guests in various settings as you study hospitality management. Culinary skills and food safety practices will be covered, and you can learn to run restaurants, bars, and hotels. The curriculum might also address customer service and team leadership.

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Hospitality management courses are useful for anyone who wants to manage a restaurant, a hotel, a spa, or a conference center.

Online Associates in Human Resources

HR manager and assistant, interviewing an applicant

While training for a career in human resources, you can learn about benefits packages, staffing strategies, and labor laws.

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You can gain skills for managing conflict, training team members, and improving workplace morale. There may be some general business classes as well. You might qualify for HR assistant roles or even some HR specialist positions. You could also work in a payroll department.

Online Associates in Human Services

Child services worker observing a toddler

If your goal is to help others, then you might want to study psychology and sociology in a human services program. Additional courses will address topics like documenting case information, speaking with clients, responding to trauma, and supporting diverse families.

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Your degree could help you qualify to work as a human or social services assistant. You might work as a child services worker or a case manager.

Online Associates in Information Technology

Computer help-desk technician troubleshooting via call

Networks and operating systems will be among your topics of study in an information technology program. Along with your fellow classmates, you’ll study programming concepts and online security. You can learn how to coordinate teams and lead projects too.

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This degree would be good preparation for working as a computer help-desk technician. You could also start a career in web development.

Legal secretary notifying lawyer of trials schedules

You’ll study the court system and legal professions in this degree program. You’ll likely learn about several different types of law, including criminal, civil, family, and real estate law. The skills you can gain may include conducting legal research and drafting legal documents.

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Common job titles for this degree path include paralegal, legal secretary, and legal assistant. You may qualify for paralegal certification.

Online Associates in Liberal Arts

Office manager answering a client phone call

In a liberal arts program, your focus won’t be on one particular discipline. Rather, you’ll study subjects from throughout the liberal arts, including psychology, history, economics, literature, and biology. This degree program can equip you with a well-rounded education.

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After graduation, this degree may enhance your resume as you apply for jobs in office management, law enforcement, customer service, public relations, or other fields.

Online Associates in Marketing

Marketing specialists working on their ad campaign

The lessons in a marketing program will cover advertising, promotions, branding, and consumer behavior. Today’s degrees also include lessons about digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing. There may be general business classes as well.

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After getting your degree in marketing, you may be able to work as an advertising sales rep, a marketing specialist, a social media manager, or a sales manager.

Online Associates in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering technicians discussing with drafter

A mechanical engineering program will introduce you to concepts in kinematics, fluids, and thermodynamics. You’ll study the properties of various materials, and you may practice using drafting software. Electricity and manufacturing processes are other topics that may be covered.

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Working as a mechanical engineering technician is common for graduates of this program. Being a drafter is another job to consider.

Online Associates in Mechatronics

Mechatronics technologist testing some equipment

Today’s manufacturing environments are highly automated. Mechatronics experts understand how to operate and troubleshoot automated equipment.

For a mechatronics degree, you’ll study robotics, programming, electric wiring, instrument panels, hydraulics, and a variety of other machine- and technology-oriented topics. You will also practice reading and writing technical reports.

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After graduation, you might find work in industrial maintenance as an electro-mechanical or mechatronics technologist or technician.

Online Associates in Medical Assisting

Medical assistants taking notes of doctor’s analysis

To prepare for a career as a medical assistant, you’ll study anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and clinical procedures.

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Other classes will teach you to use billing software, interact with patients, and maintain people’s privacy. You may need to complete some in-person clinical experiences in a local healthcare setting. Medical assistants often work in doctor’s offices, outpatient surgical centers, and hospitals.

Online Associates in Medical Coding

Medical Coder working on data management

Working as a medical coding professional requires knowing both diagnosis codes and procedure codes. Other essential topics to study in this program include healthcare vocabulary, reimbursement systems, health law, and data management.

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Completing this degree could help qualify you for employment as a medical records specialist, a health information technician, or a medical coder. You may be ready for coding certification from an industry organization.

Online Associates in Medical Office Administration

Medical secretary answering calls in the clinic

Studying office administration for medical offices will involve learning about insurance and billing as well as medical diagnoses and treatments.

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You’ll practice your typing skills and work with electronic health records systems. Customer service will be another important topic. This degree program offers useful preparation for working as a medical secretary, receptionist, or administrative assistant in a doctor’s office or a hospital or another healthcare setting.

Online Associates in Network Administration

Network Administrator running tests in the system

If you want to develop your expertise in networks and operating systems, then you might think about a degree in network administration.

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You’ll learn how to work with wired and wireless networks. Data privacy and basic programming skills will be covered as well. There may also be lab experiences. A network degree can be useful for tech jobs like network support specialist, network analyst, and network administrator.

Online Associates in Paralegal

Paralegal showing research works to the lawyer

Learning how to prepare legal documents, research case law, and speak with clients can get you ready for a paralegal career.

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You’ll study criminal and civil law, and you’ll also practice using legal software. You may gain supervised work experience in a real law office before graduation. This course of study is useful for paralegal certification as well as legal assistant, paralegal, and legal secretary jobs.

Online Associates in Pre-Pharmacy

Pharmacy technician checking medical supplies

Pre-pharmacy is a science-heavy program. You’ll take multiple classes in biology and chemistry. There will be courses in anatomy, statistics, and medical terminology as well.

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Pre-pharmacy programs are designed for transfer. You might be ready to enroll in a health science bachelor’s degree program or a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) professional program. It might also be possible to work as a pharmacy technician.

Online Associates in Project Management

Construction's Project Manager in a meeting with architect

When you study for a degree in project management, you can learn how to develop, execute, and evaluate project plans. Your curriculum will include courses in making contracts, obtaining supplies, and staying within budget.

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Some associate degree programs focus specifically on project management in the construction industry. You may qualify to work as an entry-level project management associate in a field like construction or manufacturing.

Online Associates in Psychology

Caseworker discussing with client

As a psychology student, you’ll explore human development, personality theories, and family dynamics. There might be classes in general, abnormal, developmental, or behavioral psychology.

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A psychology associate degree could be useful in a job as a human or social services assistant or a caseworker. You could also work with kids as a teacher’s aide or a daycare provider. Correctional officer is another job to consider.

Online Associates in Small Business

Small Business Owner discussing with store manager

Owning a small business can be tough, but education can provide a foundation for success. You’ll learn how to develop a solid business plan, meet customers’ needs, market your services, hire employees, and maintain your company’s books.

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After graduation, you could have business skills desired by many employers, or you may be ready to start your own small business.

Online Associates in Social Science

Museum technician discussing artworks with curator

Economics, history, psychology, and sociology are just a few of the topics typically covered in social science programs. You might also study political science, geography, or linguistics.

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Often, social science students are allowed to shape their curriculum by choosing multiple elective classes. This degree could have many career outcomes. Potential ideas include being a human services caseworker, a law enforcement officer, or a museum technician.

Online Associates in Social Work

Social worker doing follow up visit with elderly couple

You’ll draw on your lessons in psychology and human behavior throughout a career that’s dedicated to helping other people. Anthropology, family dynamics, and diversity may be other topics covered in your social work curriculum.

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A social work degree might help you become an assistant in a social or human services community organization. You could also think about becoming a correctional officer or an intake worker in a residential care facility.

Online Associates in Sociology

Research team working in a social service agency

You’ll explore culture and examine social issues as you study for a degree in sociology. Your college experience may include studies in family relationships, social justice, cultural diversity, and political science. Some programs include introductory social work courses.

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While many sociology associate degree programs are designed for transferring to a four-year school, you could also start a career in a social service agency or a public health department.

Online Associates in Software Development

Software Developer reviewing her codes and doing some test

A program for software development can help you develop foundational programming skills as well as experience with languages like HTML and Python.

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You’ll learn specific programming techniques for databases, mobile applications, and more. Networks and data security may be additional topics. Hiring requirements vary, but some organizations may bring you on as a software developer, a computer programmer, or a web developer.

Online Associates in Supply Chain Management

Warehouse Manager discussing with staff

Spreadsheets, contracts, and budgets will be some of the topics emphasized in your supply chain program. You can also learn about transportation and warehousing. Managerial skills and scheduling software will be addressed as well.

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Depending on the employer, you might be suitable for a job as a buyer, a transportation manager, a warehouse supervisor, a logistics specialist, or a freight scheduler.

Online Associates in Web Development

Mobile App Developers testing out their prototype

A fast-track degree in web development might feature courses in scripting, graphic design, and user experience. You’ll practice programming languages, improve your communication skills, work with website-design software, and test web page functionality.

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As a web designer or developer, you could be self-employed or work for a company. This degree could also be relevant for a career in mobile app development.

Can You Get an Associate’s Degree in One Year?

associates degree online fast

If you select the right school, you may be able to earn your associate degree in about 1 year. On campus, it typically takes 2 years of full-time study to graduate with an associate degree. But, these days, there are multiple 1 year associate degree programs online.

In an accelerated online program, you may be able to take classes year-round with no gap in learning over an extended summer break. Each class might last only 8 weeks. At some schools, there are even 4 week or 6 week classes. Before you know it, you’ll have earned 60 credits for graduation!

What Is the Fastest Way to Get an Associates Degree?

quickest associates degree

If you want to earn the quickest associates degree, then online education might be for you. Today’s online programs, especially those for adult learners, are often meant for speed. Colleges know that busy learners have their sights set on graduating workforce-ready as soon as possible.

There are some characteristics you may want to look for if you plan to earn your associates degree online fast. First, choose a college with start terms and course sessions throughout the year. For the easiest associates degree online programs, look for classes that can be completed in 1 to 2 months. Also, it’s strategic to prioritize schools that issue credit for past studies or professional experience.

Is a 6 Month Associate Degree Online Worth It?

fast associate degree

Yes, a 6-month associate degree online is worth it for many students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates drop as education increases. More specifically, the unemployment rate among people who hold at least an associate degree is lower than the national average. Some of the highest paying associate’s degrees include web development, dental hygiene, and aeronautics.

You’ll likely be busy during an accelerated college program, but this intense season won’t last long. Soon, you could have an accredited degree in hand. An associate degree could be a strategic addition to your resume and could provide the necessary preparation for an exciting new career in your field of choice.

Getting an Associate Degree in 6 Months Online

6 month degree

Earning an associate degree could be the first step toward entering your preferred career field.

Going back to school doesn’t need to take multiple years. Rather, you can earn a solid education in under 1 year when you choose one of the fastest associates degree online programs. When you study at a regionally accredited college, you can trust that quality and speed will go hand in hand.

You may be only a few months away from earning your college degree. You can check out fast online degrees and get started today!

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