Do you ever read inspirational quotes on social media about living your best life, and wonder if your career is working against you instead of for you?

Or maybe you are sitting in front of your computer scrolling through endless job ads, wondering what career to pursue?


The key to unlocking the career of your dreams is knowledge. Begin with a broad knowledge of the various career fields that are available today, and then specialize your search to discover the perfect career that matches your goals and ambitions.

Career Fields

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment market can be broken into 10 different career fields, allowing you to narrow down your focus to one of these industries.

  • Animal Care and Science
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Art and Design
  • Business and Financial
  • Computer and Information Technology
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Farming, Fishing, and Forestry
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Life, Physical and Social Science

As you explore the various options available to you, keep in mind both the earning potential as well as the viability of that particular industry. No one wants to be stuck in a cassette tape industry in a digital world!

Highest Paying Careers

As our country ages, the value of your personal health increases exponentially. While money can’t buy good health, working in the health industry is definitely a wise financial choice as 3 of the top-earning careers were in health care!

Career Possible Annual Salary Potential Job Openings
Physician $195,842 3,038
Pharmacy Manager $146,412 2,009
Pharmacist $127,120 2,534
Enterprise Architect $115,944 1,097
Corporate Counsel $115,580 693

(Source: Janice Gassam, The 25 Highest-Paying Jobs In America, Forbes)

Did you find a career in this list that piques your interest? If not, let’s specialize our knowledge by exploring careers that may fit your life according to the unique circumstances of your life.

Best Careers to Fit Your Life

In choosing a career, sometimes the best way to find your perfect fit is to first look inward at your unique characteristics and qualities instead of letting a job board posting dictate what direction you take your career.

Best Careers for Helping Others

Best Careers for Helping Others

Do you find your days are motivated by compassion and a desire to care for others? Perhaps you want to consider using your compassionate heart in a career, with one of the best careers for helping others.

Career Percentage of Individuals Who Feel their Job is Meaningful Possible Pay
Dermatologist 100% $212,900
Supervisory Special Agent 100% $129,400
Senior Construction Manager 100% $122,300
Deputy Fire Chief 100% $75,300
Certified Nurse Midwife 98% $85,200
Neurosurgeon 97% $381,500

(Source: Forbes, The 25 Most Meaningful Jobs that Pay Well, )

Best Careers for Moms

Best Careers for Moms

Ask any mom on the street how she’s doing, and the odds are in your favor she will reply “Busy!” Juggling the demands of family with a rising career is a tough balance, but these careers can set you in the right direction, with either flexible scheduling, part-time employment, or the option to work from home if necessary.

Career Possible Annual Salary The Mom Factor
Dental Hygienist $67,300 Flexible hours or part-time employment
Acupuncturist $59,900 Practitioners can often set their own hours
Market Research Analyst $59,500 Many contractors work from home
Sonographer $58,300 Opportunity to work shifts that don’t conflict with kids’ schedules
Web Developer $55,400 Work at home, set your own hours

(Source: Charyn Pfeuffer, Best Jobs & Careers for Working Mothers,

Best Careers for Women

Best Careers for Women

Are you tired of hitting the glass ceiling at work? Well, the best way to break glass is where cracks have already formed. So consider one of these careers where other strong women have a great track record of success.

Careers Possible Annual Salary
Chief Executive $95,472
Pharmacist $94,172
Lawyer $89,284
Computer and Information Systems Manager $84,708
Nurse Practitioner $79,144

(Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Median weekly earnings of full-time wage and salary workers by detailed occupation and sex)

Best Careers for Introverts

Best Careers for Introverts

Are you wondering how to be successful in the professional world when being with others drains you emotionally? One of these careers might be the sweet spot for you, allowing you the freedom to be an introvert while still climbing your career ladder.

Career Possible Annual Salary
Astronomer $96,460
Geoscientist $90,890
Social Media Manager $54,170
Film/Video Editor $51,300
Court Reporter $48,160

(Source: Susan Adams, Forbes, The 10 Best Jobs for Introverts)

Best Careers for Extroverts

Best Careers for Extroverts

Do you thrive in social situations, moving from one connection to another, while keeping all the details straight in your head? If so, consider one of these careers where your strengths as an extrovert can really shine!

Career Possible Annual Salary
Marketing Managers $112,800
Lawyers $112,760
Sales Managers $98,530
Managers, All Other $96,450
General and Operations Managers $94,400

(Source: Forbes, The 20 Best Paying Jobs for People Persons)

Best Careers for the Future

Best Careers for the Future

Instead of trying to direct your career like a distracted driver, with one eye on the road and one eye trying to read a map, take a moment to pull over and analyze the what careers are looking the most promising for the future.

Career Possible Annual Salary Projected New Positions by 2026
Registered nurses $68,450 437,000
Software applications $100,080 253,400
General and operations managers  $99,310 205,900
Financial managers $121,750 108,400
Specialist physicians and surgeons $206,920 49,600

(Source: Andy Kiersz and Rachel Gillett, The 21 Most Promising Jobs of the Future, Business Insider)

Finding a career that meets your present needs while unlocking your future goals and ambitions can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be an impossible task with the right knowledge and direction.

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