2023 Best Online Degrees That Pay Well

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Before beginning your college journey, you might pay attention to online degrees that pay well. You may want to know that there will be a lucrative job market waiting for you when you graduate.

Best Online Degrees That Pay Well

When you earn one of the highest paying online degrees, you might be able to quickly pay off your student loan debt and start building the life you have in mind.

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One of these high-paying majors could be a fitting match for your skills and interests.

Online Degrees That Pay Well

A high-paying career can help make your investment in a college degree worthwhile. If you’re deciding on a college major, you can check out this selection of the online degrees that make the most money. The list includes salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to provide an idea of the income potential.

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Online Accounting Degrees

Accountant computing company taxes

Related Career: Accountants and Auditors
Median Salary
: $78,000

In an online accounting program, you’ll learn about taxation, auditing, and financial statements. You’ll explore the various branches of this field, which include cost accounting and financial accounting.

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There will be some introductory finance courses too. As an accountant, you could work for an accounting firm or be an internal accountant for a large organization.

Online Business Administration Degrees

Sales manager discussing with associate about revenue

Related Career: Sales Managers
Median Salary: $130,600

Students who major in business administration often go on to become business managers. This degree program includes classes in accounting, business law, and information technology. You can also learn leadership skills and study organizational dynamics.

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There are many management jobs available, including sales, human resources, finance, and operations roles. A degree concentration might influence which departments are most suitable for you.

Online Computer Science Degrees

Computer & Information Systems Manager monitoring network performance

Related Career: Computer and Information Systems Managers
Median Salary: $164,070

Computer science students learn about the principles that make computers work. With this as your major, you’ll study algorithms, operating systems, and software development.

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A degree in computer science could help prepare you for technology jobs like being a software engineer, a systems analyst, or a network administrator. Some graduates work toward a management position in a computing company or a technology department.

Online Construction Management Degrees

Construction Manager checking blueprint with the team

Related Career: Construction Managers
Median Salary: $101,480

Effective construction managers understand business and leadership principles, so you’ll learn about project management and cost estimation.

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It’s also important to understand the construction industry, so you’ll study building materials, construction methods, safety strategies, and site plans. With this degree, you could work as a self-employed contractor or hold a position with a construction or engineering firm.

Online Cybersecurity Degrees

Information Security Analysts testing their data encryption programs

Related Career: Information Security Analysts
Median Salary: $112,000

Cybersecurity professionals work to keep business and personal data safe and secure. In this major, you’ll study operating systems, networks, and databases. You may gain skills related to ethical hacking and computer programming.

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With this degree, you could work in information security, network architecture, or digital forensics. Jobs are available with the government, private companies, and consulting firms.

Online Engineering Management Degrees

Architectural and Engineering Manager coordinating production staff

Related Career: Architectural and Engineering Managers
Median Salary: $159,920

To learn how to work as an engineering manager, you’ll study risk management, project management, and business communication. There will be advanced calculus and physics courses too.

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You’ll explore various branches of engineering—such as civil, electrical, and industrial—and you may choose to specialize in one of those areas. After graduation, you might become an engineering manager, a compliance director, or a project coordinator.

Online Finance Degrees

Financial Manager discussing KPI to the executives

Related Career: Financial Managers
Median Salary: $139,790

Finance professionals track and analyze financial data for the sake of making sound business projections and decisions.

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Classes for this major may cover financial statements, accounting, economics, and markets. You’ll learn to conduct data analysis and prepare models. Careers in finance include being a personal financial advisor, a financial analyst, a financial examiner, or a financial manager.

Online Healthcare Administration Degrees

Medical & Health Services Manager reviewing finance updates with doctor

Related Career: Medical and Health Services Managers
Median Salary: $104,830

Healthcare organizations rely on knowledgeable business professionals to handle responsibilities like finance, marketing, and personnel management.

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In addition to learning those business skills, this degree program will cover the healthcare system, human anatomy, and medical terminology. This major is useful for administrative careers in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, public health departments, and surgical centers.

Online Human Resources Management Degrees

Compensation and Benefits Manager doing annual performance reviews

Related Career: Compensation and Benefits Managers
Median Salary
: $131,280

Human resources professionals take care of personnel matters within an organization. To earn an HR degree, you’ll study benefit packages, employee development, conflict negotiation, and hiring practices.

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After you graduate with this degree, you may work as a specialist before advancing to management. While some people in this field are HR generalists, others focus on specific areas, such as compensation or employee training.

Online Marketing Degrees

Marketing Manager discussing new project to the team

Related Career: Marketing Managers
Median Salary: $140,040

In marketing school, you can learn how to evaluate market trends and consumer behavior as you make decisions about product development, pricing, brand management, and sales.

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You’ll study advertising, market research, and behavior science. As a marketing graduate, you might work as a marketing specialist, a market research analyst, or a marketing manager. You could be a consultant or work for one specific company.

Online Public Relations Degrees

Public Relations Manager reviewing articles for publishing

Related Career: Public Relations Managers
Median Salary: $129,430

In public relations, you could serve as the public face of an organization. To get ready for this career, you might learn about public speaking, social media, written communication, and interpersonal dynamics. You might also have advertising and marketing classes.

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Public relations graduates can work as PR specialists and then managers. Other potential job titles include copywriter, social media manager, and recruiter.

Online Supply Chain Management Degrees

Supply Chain General Manager briefing the new warehouse staff

Related Career: General and Operations Managers
Median Salary: $98,100

The field of supply chain management encompasses disciplines such as transportation, procurement, production, and inventory management.

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In this major, you’ll take classes in trade, logistics and contract negotiations. You’ll also learn about technology used in supply chain processes. Logisticians and other supply chain professionals, such as operations managers, often work in manufacturing. Wholesalers and government agencies may also hire for these roles.

What Are the Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees?

Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees

When you’re looking for online degrees that are worth it, you may not be interested in just any high-paying job. Rather, you might want the highest possible paycheck. If so, check out these majors and the potential high-paying careers associated with them.

  • Computer Science: Computer hardware engineers have a median salary of $132,360.
  • Economics: Economists have a median salary of $113,940.
  • Management Information Systems: Computer network architects have a median salary of $126,900.
  • Mathematics: Actuaries have a median salary of $113,990.
  • Petroleum Engineering: Petroleum engineers have a median salary of $131,800.

These salaries are based on annual median pay data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Are Online Degrees Respected by Employers?

Woman with online degree applying for a job

Students who earn quick online degrees that pay well don’t have to worry that distance learning will compromise their employability.

Many employers put as much faith in online degrees as they do in on-campus learning. Plus, college diplomas don’t usually specify how the studies were completed, so your employer may never know how you earned your degree.

It is essential, though, to choose a regionally accredited school. Then, you can be confident that your college meets accepted educational standards.

Are Online Degrees Worth It?

Student pursuing online degrees

Yes, online degrees are worth it for many students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the more education you have, the less likely you are to be unemployed.

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Also, many high-paying jobs require a college education. Even if you have plenty of experience, without a degree, you may be shut out of management roles. Completing one of the easiest online degrees that pay well might provide the necessary qualifications to secure a lucrative promotion.

Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

Student getting her Bachelor's degree online

There are many degrees you can get online that pay well. Whether you’re interested in math, business, computers, healthcare, or another field, you can earn a high-paying degree that suits you.

Having a bachelors degree may help you move up in your company’s ranks and secure a rewarding management position. Online college programs can be a strategic way to earn a degree that pays well. You may appreciate the convenience and flexibility that accredited online learning can provide.

If you enroll in an accredited school, you could graduate with a respected online degree that shows you’re ready for the modern workplace.

Find your high-paying online degree program today!

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