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Top 60 Accelerated PhD Programs Online – 2019 Edition

Top 60 Accelerated PhD Programs Online – 2019 Edition

Looking for the fastest PhD programs? Complete your PhD, EdD, PsyD, DSW, DNP or DBA - 100% online. Top 60 Accelerated PhD Programs Guide - 2019 Edition.

Student sitting in accelerated PhD programs online

Looking for accelerated PhD programs? Want to get your PhD at at faster pace?

You’ve come to the right place.

This guide highlights universities offering the fastest doctorate programs online.

Accelerated PhD Programs

  • Online DBA – Doctor of Business Administration
  • Online EdD – Doctor of Education
  • Online PhD in Education
  • Online PhD in Counseling
  • Online DSW – Doctor of Social Work
  • Online PhD in Nursing
  • Online DNP – Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Online PhD in Business Administration
  • Online PhD in Human Services
  • Online PhD in Accounting
  • Online DMin – Doctor of Ministry

The most popular accelerated PhD programs offer the flexibility of online study. This allows you to earn your PhD (or related doctorate) without disrupting your life.

Accelerated doctorate programs are offered in nearly every field: Business, Nursing, Education, Human Services, Psychology, and the list goes on!

Let’s check it out…

Online Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Accelerated DBA programs

Business degrees consistently rank high because of the wide swath of careers that are available to graduates.

Someone with a DBA is prepared to teach in an undergraduate or graduate program that specializes in Business or to take on a highly advanced leadership role in a company like a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Because an online DBA program allows you to specialize in all areas of business, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, and administration, it will appeal to all sorts of professionals who have already made their mark in the business world.

List of Online Doctor of Business Administration programs:

You can take a more in-depth look at salary information, career outlook, and DBA concentrations here: Online Doctor of Business Administration programs.

Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)

Accelerated EdD programs online

Education is another popular field that you can pursue through an accelerated doctorate program online. Someone with an Ed.D. is well suited for a leadership role in higher education administration. An Ed.D. program focuses on application of educational and pedagogical theory.

An Ed.D. program prepares graduates to work in a variety of areas, including policy making at the local, state, and federal levels, school management through the role of superintendent, and higher education administration through the role of academic dean or president of student affairs.

List of Online Doctor of Education programs:

In my article focusing on Online Doctor of Education programs, I take a look at the differences between a PhD in Education and an EdD, available degree concentrations and requirements, as well as career and salary information.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)

Accelerated PhD Education online

A PhD in Educational is quite similar to an Ed.D. degree in that they both focus on education and prepare graduates to take on leadership roles at educational institutions.

A PhD is typically more research-based and might be a better match for someone looking to do research, publish, and teach at the university level. It focuses less on application than an Ed.D., but the same types of careers would be possible with either of these two degrees.

List of Online PhD in Education programs:

Take a closer look at Online PhD in Education curriculum, career outlook, and available concentrations.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling (PhD)

Accelerated PhD Counseling online

A PhD in Counseling is designed for counselors looking to ramp up their careers by becoming college and university educators, advanced counselors who train and lead others, or primary researchers on innovative studies.

List of Online PhD in Counseling Programs:

If you’re currently a counselor and training other counselors, or if managing counseling programs are career goals of yours, then a PhD in Counseling online can make those goals a reality.

Doctor of Social Work (and related programs)

Accelerated Doctor of Social Work DSW online

There are a limited number of Doctor of Social Work programs offered online, but we’ve listed them below.

To help round out the list, we included a few related programs that might also interest you. Enjoy 🙂

List of Online Social Work Programs:

List of related PhD programs that may interest you:

If a doctorate in counseling appeals to you, you can take a more in-depth look at available concentrations within this field, as well as career prospects and salary data here: Online PhD Programs in Counseling. In addition to a PhD in Psychology, a number of universities now offer online Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree programs, too.

Online Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD)

Accelerated PhD Nursing online

For RN’s (Registered Nurses) who want to teach and train other nurses in an academic setting, a PhD in Nursing is the best doctorate level nursing degree to pursue. A

List of Online PhD in Nursing Programs:

PhD in Nursing also prepares graduates for a career in research as nursing scientists who can contribute to the advancement of science.

Take a more in-depth look at PhD in Nursing Programs, universities offering online nursing programs, salary/career outlook, and PhD programs differ from Doctor of Nursing Practice programs.

Online Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Accelerated DNP programs online

DNP programs have gained a lot of popularity over the years and are designed for RN’s who wish to advance their knowledge about nursing while remaining practicing nurses.

List of Online Doctor of Nursing Practice programs:

A DNP prepares graduates to become leaders in the nursing industry by advocating for and making policy, managing and directing nursing programs at health facilities, and ensuring that their communities offer the best healthcare to citizens who need it most.

View a list of online DNP programs, as well as explore curriculum, career, and salary data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)

Slightly different than the DBA degree, a PhD in Business Administration is geared more toward academia.

If you’d rather conduct original research and teach students about your specific field in business rather than take on a demanding and rigorous role as a company’s CEO, a PhD in Business might be right up your alley.

List of Online PhD in Business Administration programs:

For a more in-depth look, check out this article covering online PhD in business programs, university lists, available concentrations, salary outlook, etc.

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services (PhD)

A PhD in Human Services is quite flexible. Students with a variety of undergraduate and master’s degrees in public service, including social services, child welfare, criminal justice, and healthcare, will be interested in this doctorate degree.

A PhD in Human Services prepares graduates to become leaders and policy makers in public and human services fields.

Explore career and salary data, as well as a list of universities offering a PhD in Human Services online.

Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting (PhD)

If you’re a practicing CPA and want to bring your knowledge to others by teaching at the college or university level, a PhD in Accounting is one possible avenue to fulfill that goal.

Becoming an Accounting professor is a great option for accountants who are burnt out and want to taper down their work hours or who are looking to supplement their income or experience by teaching part-time.

List of Online PhD in Accounting Programs:

Compare the PhD in Accounting with the PhD in Finance, check out BLS salary data, and see a list of university offering online PhD in Accounting programs.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

Rounding out this list of the most popular accelerated doctorate programs online is a D.Min. which is designed for pastors, missionaries, and other clergy members looking to advance their professional and personal knowledge about the Bible and its teachings. A career as a professor is a possibility with this degree as well as a missionary leader or lead pastor at a church.

To see a list of universities offering a D.Min., or to learn more about this field of study, check out my recent article covering Online Doctor of Ministry Programs.

Accelerated Doctorate Programs Online

Since these accelerated programs are relatively new on the online education scene, it’s vitally important that you choose your program wisely. Not all doctorate programs online are accredited, and accreditation is essential when pursuing an online education.

An accelerated doctorate program online caters to professional students who are seeking to expand their career opportunities into research and higher education teaching fields while still working full-time. The primary way in which a doctorate program is accelerated is through accelerated courses. Shortened semesters make these accelerated courses possible, and students can earn credit faster toward that portion of their degree than in a more traditional program.

Some programs even allow you to begin with only a bachelor’s degree, allowing you to complete a master’s degree as part of your doctorate course work. This can potentially shave off as much as 2 years from your completion time, because you won’t have to complete a master’s degree before even considering applying for a doctorate program.

Also keep in mind that some doctorate programs may not advertise themselves as accelerated. This doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue accelerated courses or somehow speed up the time to completion over a more traditional program on campus. Because of this, keep your options open. If you find an online program that is accredited and matches your education and career goals, but doesn’t advertise itself as accelerated, don’t count it out. It’s quite possible that you can earn your degree in a faster time frame than if you had chosen an on campus doctorate program.

Take the next step

To explore typical salary ranges and career opportunities for a wide-range of doctoral programs, check out our in-depth look at all the top online PhD programs.

University Location Tuition Online Doctoral Programs
Albany Medical College Albany, New York $24,780 Graduate Program in Bioethics
Amridge University (formerly Southern Christian University) Montgomery, Alabama $11,700 Doctoral Program in Biblical Studies
Andrews University Berrien Springs, Michigan $25,128 Doctor of Nursing Practice
Andrews University Berrien Springs, Michigan $25,128 Leadership
Antioch University Yellow Springs, Ohio $9,000 PhD in Leadership and Change
Antioch University New England Keene, New Hampshire $22,100 PhD in Environmental Studies
Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas $4,626 Ed.S. Education Degree Specialist in Superintendency
Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas $4,626 Ed.S. Education Degree Specialist in Curriculum Director
Auburn University Auburn, Alabama $9,072 Rehabilitation Counseling Master’s Program
Barry University Miami Shores, Florida $17,820 Public Health
Belmont University Nashville, Tennessee $20,160 Occupational Therapy
Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio $7,632 English
Briarcliffe College Bethpage, New York $18,720 Doctor of Nursing Practice
California Baptist University Riverside, California $11,430 Doctor of Public Administration
California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco, California $19,764 Transformative Studies
California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco, California $19,764 Integral and Transpersonal Psychology
California Lutheran University Thousand Oaks, California $17,500 Doctorate Program in Educational Leadership – K-12 and Higher Education
Capella University Minneapolis, Minnesota $14,526 DBA – Global Operations and Supply Chain Management (ACBSP-accredited)
Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, Michigan $12,232 Doctor of Health Administration
Central State University Wilberforce, Ohio $8,760 Graduate program in Business Admistration
Chatham University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $16,254 Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy
City University of Seattle Seattle, Washington $13,914 Doctor of Education in Leadership
Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina $8,826 International Family and Community Studies
Cleveland State University Cleveland, Ohio $9,565 Operations & Supply Chain Management
Colorado State University Greenwood Village, Colorado $9,000 Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Ph.D.
Colorado State University Greenwood Village, Colorado $9,000 Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization
Concordia University – Chicago River Forest, Illinois $14,328 EDD/PHD, ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP
Concordia University – Chicago River Forest, Illinois $14,328 EDD/PHD, EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP
Concordia University – Portland Portland, Oregon $20,910 Ed.D. in Educational Leadership – Educational Administration
Concordia University – Wisconsin Mequon, Wisconsin $10,170 Nursing (RN-MSN, MSN, DNP)
Creighton University Omaha, Nebraska $14,760 Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy
DePaul University Chicago, Illinois $18,960 Computer Science
Des Moines University Des Moines, Iowa $9,216 Doctor of Physical Therapy Online
Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $22,212 Nursing Practice
East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina $4,656 Communication Sciences and Disorders
East Tennessee State University Johnson City, Tennessee $7,992 Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)
Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan $15,120 Master of Engineering Management
Eastern University St. Davids, Pennsylvania $16,200 DA in Marriage and Family Therapy Studies
Emporia State University Emporia, Kansas $5,922 Library and Information Management
Fielding Graduate University Santa Barbara, California $15,936 PhD in Infant and Early Childhood Development
Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne, Florida $16,128 Computer Science
Fordham University New York City, New York $32,160 Urban Leadership (Doctoral Program)
Frontier Nursing University Hyden, Kentucky $15,524 Nurse-Midwifery – MSN and Companion DNP Program
Frontier Nursing University Hyden, Kentucky $15,524 MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner (ADN Bridge Entry Option)
George Fox University Newberg, Oregon $15,504 Graduate Programs in Education – Master of Education, Doctor of Education, Administrator Licensure
Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia $6,876 Nursing
Hampton University Hampton, Virginia $10,776 Business Administration
Idaho State University Pocatello, Idaho $6,789 Non-Traditional Pharm.D.
Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois $27,678 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana $7,128 Teaching English as a Second / Foreign Language, Graduate Certificate
Indiana University Indiana, Pennsylvania $11,592 Human-Computer Interaction
Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania $11,592 Safety Sciences Ph.D.
Institute for Clinical Social Work Chicago, Illinois $19,800 Clinical Social Work Ph.D. Distance Learning Program
Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts Portland, Maine $32,000 PhD in Visual Arts: Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory
Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, Alabama $8,904 Doctor of Science Emergency Management
Jewish Theological Seminary New York, New York $29,320 Jewish Education
John F Kennedy University Pleasant Hill, California $23,580 Sport Psychology/Clinical PsyD Linked Program
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, Maryland $50,410 Public Health
Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas $9,670 Personal Financial Planning
Lesley University Cambridge, Massachusetts $17,550 Ph.D. in Educational Studies: Educational Leadership
Lewis University Romeoville, Illinois $14,310 Doctor of Nursing Practice
Loma Linda University Loma Linda, California $24,960 Online MPH in Health Education
Loyola University New Orleans Online New Orleans, Louisiana $14,724 MSN to DNP – Executive Nurse Leader
Mercer University Macon, Georgia $15,557 Ed.S. Early Childhood Education
MGH Institute Of Health Professions Boston, Massachusetts $43,812 Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy
Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan $17,384 Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Mechanics
Minnesota State University – Mankato Mankato, Minnesota $6,849 Ed.D in Educational Leadership
Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla, Missouri $9,566 PhD and MS in Systems Engineering
Monmouth University West Long Branch, New Jersey $24,156 DNP-Doctor of Nursing Practice
Montana State University – Bozeman Bozeman, Montana $4,797 Education Leadership
Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland $7,074 Community College Leadership
New Brunswick Theological Seminary New Brunswick, New Jersey $13,560 Graduate Degrees
New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico $4,088 Educational Administration (Educational Leadership)
New York University New York City, New York $39,936 Occupational Therapy – Doctorate
North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina $8,088 Curriculum and Instruction
North Dakota State University Fargo, North Dakota $5,570 Speech Communication
Northcentral University Prescott, Arizona $16,821 Doctor of Business Administration – International Business
Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona $8,956 Nursing, DNP
Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, Florida $18,373 Family Therapy, Ph.D.
Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, Florida $18,373 Doctor of Philosophy in Information Assurance
Oakland University Rochester Hills, Michigan $16,338 Doctor of Nursing Practice
Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia $8,736 Community College Leadership
Pepperdine University Malibu, California $31,300 Ed.D. in Learning Technologies
Portland State University Portland, Oregon $13,248 Early Childhood Education Specialization
Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana $9,208 Management Information Systems PhD Area of the Management Program
Regent University Minneapolis, Minnesota $12,726 Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Servant Leadership
Regent University Minneapolis, Minnesota $12,726 Computer-Mediated Communication
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions Provo, Utah $13,993 Doctor of Nursing Practice
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science North Chicago, Illinois $31,902 Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
Sacred Heart University Fairfield, Connecticut $20,745 Doctor of Nursing Practice
Salus University Elkins Park, Pennsylvania $23,220 Audiology
San Diego State University San Diego, California $6,738 Learning Technologies, Training and Development, Distributed Delivery, Instructional Design and Eval
San Jose State University San Jose, California $6,738 Library and Information Science
Saybrook University Oakland, California $23,589 Ph.D. Psychology, Psychophysiology Specialization
Shenandoah University Winchester, Virginia $20,304 Non-traditional Doctor of Pharmacy
Sofia University Palo Alto, California $21,750 Ph.D. in Psychology
Southeastern University Lakeland, Florida $12,269 Ed.D.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Louisville, Kentucky $13,440 Christian Education Leadership
Southern California Seminary El Cajon, California $10,395 Graduate Bible and Theology
Spertus College Chicago, Illinois $18,000 Jewish Studies
St. Catherine University Saint Paul, Minnesota $14,076 Doctorate in Social Work – DSW
St. Thomas University Miami Gardens, Florida $14,076 Ed.D. in Leadership and Management
Stanford University Stanford, California $47,331 Business Administration
Stanford University Stanford, California $47,331 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, New Jersey $33,328 Master of Science – Software Engineering
Sullivan University Louisville, Kentucky $13,080 Ph.D in Management – Strategic Management
Sullivan University Louisville, Kentucky $13,080 Ph.D. in Management – concentration in Human Resource Leadership
Syracuse University Syracuse, New York $34,632 Counseling and Human Services
Teachers College New York, New York $36,288 Intellectual Disability/Autism
Texas A&M University San Antonio, Texas $3,475 Certificate in Agriculture eLearning Development
Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas $5,400 Ph.D. in Systems and Engineering Management
Texas Woman’s University Denton, Texas $4,522 Nursing
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Chicago, Illinois $24,300 Ed.D. Educational Psychology and Technology
The University of Florida Gainesville, Florida $7,088 Enrollment Management
Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $34,740 DNP: Post-BSN Family/Individual Across the Lifespan
Touro University Worldwide Los Alamitos, California $9,000 Doctor of Psychology in Human and Organizational Psychology
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama $10,470 Instructional Leadership for Nurse Educators
University of Alabama – Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama $10,470 Engineering
University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas $7,379 Workforce Development Education
University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida $6,916 Criminal Justice
University of Colorado At Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, Colorado $9,983 Nursing Practice
University of Colorado Denver Denver, Colorado $6,714 Nursing
University of Denver Denver, Colorado $45,288 DU-Iliff Joint PhD
University of Detroit Mercy Detroit, Michigan $27,666 Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP)
University of Dubuque Dubuque, Iowa $11,700 Doctor of Ministry
University of Idaho Moscow, Idaho $6,460 Mathematics
University of Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana $35,492 Postprofessional MHS, DHS, & Graduate Certificates
University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky $10,925 Education
University of La Verne La Verne, California $13,320 Public Administration
University of Maryland – College Park College Park, Maryland $11,718 Reliability Engrineering
University of Maryland Baltimore Baltimore, Maryland $13,329 Physical Therapy
University of Maryland Baltimore County Baltimore, Maryland $10,854 Civil Engineering (ENCE)
University of Maryland University College Adelphi, Maryland $8,244 Management
University of Michigan – Flint Flint, Michigan $9,959 Doctor of Anesthesia Practice (DrAP)
University of Missouri – Columbia Columbia, Missouri $8,462 Learning Systems Design and Development Master’s and Educational Specialist (Online)
University of Missouri – Kansas City Kansas City, Missouri $6,462 Educational Leadership, Policy & Foundations
University of Montana Missoula, Montana $4,135 External Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
University of Nebraska – Lincoln Lincoln, Nebraska $7,134 Educational Leadership & Higher Education, Ed.D.
University of Nebraska at Omaha Omaha, Nebraska $4,649 Public Administration
University of Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas, Nevada $4,968 Graduate Nursing Program
University of New England Biddeford, Maine $19,936 Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina $9,643 Pharmacy(Doctor)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina $5,117 Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MSITM)
University of North Dakota Grand Forks, North Dakota $7,185 PhD in Nursing
University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $21,748 Post-Masters Doctorate of Nursing Practice
University of Southern California Los Angeles, California $41,592 Doctorate of Social Work
University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi $7,549 International Development Ph.D. Program
University of Tennessee Knoxville, Tennessee $11,044 Nuclear Engineering
University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas $7,141 Doctor of Nursing Practice
University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas $7,141 Social Work
University of Texas At Tyler Tyler, Texas $4,896 Nursing
University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah $6,473 Biomedical Informatics
University of Virginia – Charlottesville Charlottesville, Virginia $15,026 Graduate program in nursing
University of Washington Seattle, Washington $15,207 Joint Doctor of Pharmacy Degree Program
University of West Florida Pensacola, Florida $7,088 Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D.
University of West Georgia Carrollton, Georgia $3,996 Individual, Organizational, & Community Transformation Psy.D.
University of Western States Portland, Oregon $8,253 Doctor of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin $10,387 Cultural Foundations of Education
Utah State University Logan, Utah $5,323 Rehabilitation Counseling Program
Utica College Utica, New York $17,483 Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy
Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee $44,496 Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) in leadership and learning in organizations
Villanova University Villanova, Pennsylvania $17,917 Mechanical Engineering
Villanova University Villanova, Pennsylvania $17,917 Computer Engineering
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia $10,976 Health Related Sciences, PhD
Walden University Baltimore, Maryland $12,844 Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) – Reading, Literacy, and Assessment
Walden University Minneapolis, Minnesota $12,844 Education Specialist (Ed.S.) Teacher Leadership – General
Walsh University North Canton, Ohio $11,970 Doctorate of Nursing Practice
Wilkes University Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania $22,368 DNP – Doctor of Nursing Practice
William James College Newton, Massachusetts $38,550 Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Leadership Psychology Blended Program (Onsite/Online)
Winebrenner Theological Seminary Findlay, Ohio $16,500 Doctor of Ministry

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  1. Vivian Williams says:

    My name is Mrs. Vivian Williams, and in 2004 after assessing why the educational needs of so many of Central Florida’s children were not being met and desiring to find a viable solution, I founded Saints Academy Private school. I stepped out on faith and founded the school with $100.00 in the bank, 2 teachers plus me, and 20 students. Today, we now have 315 students, 37 personnel on my payroll, and our net worth has now warranted switching from just an accountant to a certified CPA. Our programs are for all students in the Central Florida area, however we focus on failing students from some of Florida’s most distressed ghetto neighborhoods. The students come to the school on scholarships. All teachers have Master’s degrees, so these children are getting a “quality education. All teachers teach the subjects that they majored in in college. Saints Academy has a 90% graduation rate with 10% of our seniors going into the military or directly going into the workforce. I have grown this entity, and now I seek a Doctor in Education Ed.D degree which would help the school to receive larger grants and endowments. I am interested in the program that allows me to work on my Master’s while taking the doctoral program!!

    1. Joy Miller says:

      Hi Vivian,

      Congratulations for such a great achievement. What a blessing that must be to the students and the teachers. There are a number of Ed.D. programs that might interest you, but I will need to dig a little deeper to find out if there is one that matches your specific request. Just to be sure I understand, you do not have your Master’s degree yet? Just your bachelor’s? You can also reach me directly by email (through the contact form) if I can be of more assistance.

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