Accelerated MBA Online – Top Programs

Accelerated MBA Online – Top Programs

Accelerated online mba programsBusiness degrees consistently rank high among the most popular online (and offline) undergraduate and graduate degrees. Earning an MBA through one of many accelerated online MBA programs out there today may be a great opportunity to enhance your business skills and prepare to interview for that top position you’ve been eying.

Top Online Graduate Degree Choice

The MBA degree always appears in lists that highlight the most popular master’s degrees online. In fact, it usually sits at position #1 on most lists. Because of the breadth of opportunities available to someone with an MBA, many students decide to pursue this graduate degree. With an MBA, you won’t be pigeonholed into a specific career area, but rather have the option to work in small businesses, for large corporations, within a variety of governmental roles, or even for yourself.

Accelerated MBA Programs

Students choose accelerated online MBA programs primarily because they don’t take a whole lot of time to complete. You could potentially finish your MBA in as little as a year if you select a program that offers an accelerated format. Through this format, you can take more classes than the average student.

Here’s an example of an accelerated format: you complete your courses in 8 week formats with short one week breaks in between classes. Sometimes you complete courses on their own (one at a time), which makes it easy to remain working at the same time. Other times, you take 2 courses at a time. By eliminating the traditional 2 semester and a summer term format, you can take the required 10 courses (the average number of courses to complete an MBA) or 30 hours within a single year.

If, for some reason, your MBA isn’t as valuable or useful to you as you had hoped or if you decide to change career trajectories, you won’t have wasted years of your life pursuing it by choosing an accelerated online MBA program. The time to completion aspect of an accelerated program is definitely one of its top perks. You can get out in the field faster to determine whether or not a career path in business is right for you.

Rigorous Curriculum

Online studentAn accelerated format does not mean less classes. In fact, an accelerated format will require you to maintain more focus and dedication, since you won’t have the opportunity to take lengthy breaks in between classes. You’ll still be required to complete all pertinent courses toward your MBA. Some of these courses might include:

  • Business Ethics
  • Foundations of Business
  • Business Strategy
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Some programs allow you to specialize in a specific area of business through choosing a concentration. Possible concentrations include Finance, Global/International Business, Marketing, and Leadership. If your program allows you to choose a concentration, it will be marked on your transcript, indicating your specialized knowledge in that area.

If you choose an accelerated program that is accredited and reputable, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a top-notch education by educators with experience and training in their specialty areas. Accelerated doesn’t mean easier and it certainly doesn’t have to mean second-rate.

Online Perks

Online programs are extremely convenient to students, especially if you’re a working student. There’s no need to trek across town to get to classes in the evenings or even consider moving because there’s no MBA program in your area. Through accelerated online MBA programs, you can complete your coursework on your own schedule and from work, home, or another convenient-to-you study area.

Access to Networking and Resources

Even though you’ll be enrolled in an accelerated program for a short while, you’ll still have access to the resources offered through your institution. These include databases, job listing sites, library books and tools, and an alumni network. Word of mouth is an essential way to hear about job opportunities and earning your degree through an accelerated online MBA program will afford you those networking opportunities.

You have to take advantage of these resources on your own initiative, though. Nobody will place resources or job opportunities in your lap. If there’s a network in your town of current or past students from your program, join social or professional events that are sponsored through that network either officially or unofficially. Just because you’re getting your degree online doesn’t mean you should remain a hermit over the duration of your studies. Getting out and meeting people from your program can really help you when it’s time to apply for jobs. Remember that through your program, you’re part of a network and community of potential opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Female grad student in campusWhether or not you completed an accelerated degree, you’ll still list the same program and college/university on your resume. With a degree through an accelerated online MBA program, you’ll be just as qualified for job positions as any other online MBA program. What often matters more to future employers are your skills, knowledge, and prior experience (through a job or internship) rather than the specific program where you earned your degree.

Total Cost

Some MBA degrees can cost an entire year’s salary of a highly paid business manager, especially if you attend one of the most prestigious programs in the country. There’s no need to go into massive debt to reap the benefits of a graduate degree in business. Not all accelerated programs are less expensive, so do your research before applying to one. They certainly can be, though. The most popular accelerated online MBA programs cost in the $20,000 to $40,000 range. While that may sound like a lot, some online programs from the most well-known schools in the country can cost upwards of $100,000 and beyond.

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